Trailer: The Croods

What do Nicholas Cage, Catherine Keener, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds and Clark Duke have in common? Don’t answer that. It was a stupid cliche setup and I apologize for using that. Moving on we have the new trailer for the animated film “The Croods” which looks like its aiming to be our modern day flintstones in film… which isn’t a half bad idea…



Nic Cage voices Grug, the pater familias of the pre-historic crew that includes his wife Ugga (Catherine Keener), daughter Eep (Emma Stone), son Thunk (Clark Duke) and mother Gran (Cloris Leachman). Everything is safe and isolated in their cave until an earthquake forces them on an adventure into beautiful, lush new territory where they meet a citizen of the brave new world voiced by Ryan Reynolds.

Via: Film School Rejects

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