Poster: Man of Steel


The first REAL poster for the Man of Steel has been ‘unlocked’ thanks to some weird ’embedding this to your site’ unlock that that I avoided but will reap the rewards like everyone else.


Warning: This poster is not what I expected.


Enough wasting time, feast your eyes on the big reveal from Zack Snyder and company!


Click for GIANT SIZE


Man of Steel is bound by steel handcuffs, eh? I don’t want to rush to judgment with this so I’m going to instead revise this post later with an opinion, but feel free to let me know your knee jerk reaction in the comments below!


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4 thoughts on “Poster: Man of Steel

  1. Since it’s a reboot, I see this as an act of good faith on Superman’s part. Supes has always felt that the world partly sees him as a threat or the beginning of what could be an alien invasion of some kind. People are naturally threatened by those more powerful than them, and as a way to show he’s on their side Supes cooperates.

    1. Maybe, but it would be weird for the U.S. government to subjugate themselves that way. I’m sure that the government has some significant presence purely due to the fact that Christopher Meloni is cast in the movie as some sort of General and can’t wait to find out how.

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