How it Should Have Ended: The Amazing Spider-Man

I’m literally about to walk away from my desk but I just finished looking at this video for the Amazing Spider-Man showcasing how the movie should have ended based on the hilarious series of videos showcasing how popular movies did not end properly. As much as I abhor that recent Spider-Man film I really enjoyed this video:


Via: Live For Films



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5 thoughts on “How it Should Have Ended: The Amazing Spider-Man

  1. Ok so it’s no Dark Knight Rises or Avengers. I’ll give you that. But I actually enjoyed the film and while it has it’s flaws, I found the acting to be far superior to the Mcguire/Dunst trilogy. The downsides to the movie for me where 1) it came out so soon after Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man and 2) underwhelming villain.

      1.  @Anthony_TMB  @Glenndometrium  They did really drop the ball with the lizard. And I understand in a reboot they have to establish some sort of origin story for that continuity, but I feel as though they could have really kept that to under 10 minutes. Everyone knows how spider-man became spider-man. For me though this film is much more watchable than the others. Mcguire/Dunst IMO is second only to the christensen/portman romance from star wars in terms of unrealistic and poorly executed movie romance portrayals. Spider-man’s whininess in the previous trilogy ruined it for me.
        But hey that’s just one guys opinion. Not trying to troll. Love what you guys did with the site.

        1.  @Glenndometrium I can understand the criticisms of Maguire and some of the outlook of him being whiney. I get that. The first 2 spider-man films developed great villains and told their stories a lot better than the crap we got with this reboot. 
          Dr. Octavius > Dr. Connors

  2. I first saw these HISHE parodies from this website and I’ve been hooked ever since. They’re hilarious! Great work with the site by the way. Sooooooo much better than the arrogant douche that was running it before!

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