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So this is the next Halloween franchise that the studios are going to keep milking money from? Some horror films can have sequels that are decent and actually build on the initial scare factor but a lot of the fear lies in the unknown. The central character in this franchise is becoming so familiar with each sequel that it is taking some value away from the first film, much like the “Saw” franchise. Take a look at the trailer below and tell us your thoughts.



Is it just me or did this trailer make the franchise look totally cliche? Flickering lights, the build up for the little boy to stare at the window, distorted camera, and a shadowy figure appearing…yeah we haven’t seen this before. I’m sure it will do well for those who love Halloween and are looking for a film to give them a little jump, it’s apparent and the studios know this, but it does bother me that this will water down the first film which I thought had some very creepy moments. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a fifth movie next Halloween.

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One thought on “Trailer: Paranormal Activity 4

  1. Very interesting, I am one of those horror movie fans who just wants more. Nothing is the same anymore, too many reality shows and remakes. Some movies are not meant to be re-made. I would’ve preferred to see a real closing to the whole Halloween Franchise after Halloween 5 and not the crap after it. Saw Franchise was pretty good. Paranormal Activity is better than the Blair Witch Project.

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