Trailer: The latest ‘Taken 2’ trailer shows a more ‘explosive’ Neeson


We have already seen the trailer for “Taken 2” and know that it is going to be a bit unbelievable and over the top. With the latest trailer, we see Liam Neeson planning to kill the entire sex trafficking ring and advising his daughter to use grenades as defense. If they’re going to go over the top then they better just aim for the stars because that’s where the ridiculousness is headed. Move over Arnold, Liam Neeson is the next invincible hero!



So what does everyone think? Is this going to be Schwarzenegger over the top or are they going to actually try and make the audience believe that one man is capable of all of this? I think if you see this film and expect it to be a credible spy movie then you will surely be disappointed. The one undeniable fact is that Liam Neeson has proven himself as a badass!

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