Half-price Wednesday: ‘Leap of Faith’


There is always a lot of focus on the latest and greatest but with the price of going to the theater being so costly, why not take advantage of the less costly resources at arm’s reach. Our generation has the advantage of many internet based media solutions that are just a couple clicks away, but with so many choices available to us how can we make a decision? Today I’d like to start a weekly segment to make the choice for you so you don’t have to deal with the stress of deciding what to watch. We’re halfway through the week everyone; so how about a reason to relax with a good film that you may have passed up in the past?



If you follow my posts then you know that I love character development. My favorite type of characters are the reluctant heroes and the bad who find good. In the film “Leap of Faith” there is a strong cast led by Steve Martin followed by Debra Winger, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Liam Neeson. With a strong performance by Steve Martin and an established supporting cast, the film delivers its message of redemption on a variety of levels, regardless of what your personal faith may be.


Currently this film is available for viewing on Netflix for free (with subscription) and Amazon for a $2.99 rental. I highly suggest watching this film and if you don’t like it then please respond with, “Ryan I hate your taste in movies, I want to punch you in the face,” and that will suffice. I hope you all enjoy my suggestion and enjoy your Wednesday. Two more days until the weekend!!

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