Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Episode 1 “Civil War”

Another cool promotional campaign is the motion comic. Marvel has been doing this for years in lieu of full on animated films to varying success and now Abraham Lincoln is dipping his blood stained axe in the proverbial graphic waters. The Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Motion comic introduces us to some of the characters and premise of the world of our troubled president and is available to watch/read right now over at Shock Til You Drop.



ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER explores the secret life of our greatest president, and the untold history that shaped our nation. As a young boy, Abraham Lincoln witnesses the shocking death of his mother, leading him on a path to an ongoing war – and ultimately to the presidency – he chronicles in a hidden diary. The journal reveals the incredible story of a clandestine warrior who never stopped fighting for the country he led and the people he loved. 


Shock Til You Drop

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