Star Wars TV series is still coming…

The Star Wars TV series is still coming…but may be light years away. In a recent interview posted at Geek Tyrant, Producer Rick McCallum stated that their reason for waiting is due to financial reasons. At this point in time, the technology that would go into producing this series would cost too much and they’re waiting to get the budget down to 4 to 5 million dollars an episode. At least they’re making sure that they are going to do the series right rather than push it through on a minimal budget.

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So McCallum’s explanation of where he wants to go with the series fits with the title that was floating around, Star Wars: Underworld, and it seems like the plan would still be to have a setting between episodes III and IV. Underworld involvement means much more interaction from the characters that we love like smugglers and bounty hunters. I hope that they can get the pricing they want soon because I would love to see a series that does the Star Wars franchise justice.

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  1. They (George and company) need to stop reaching for the biggest and baddest of all things when thinking about this TV show and just give us a show already.  Look at what they were able to do on Star Trek TNG, that turned out looking great and was well produced and everything, and that was using the technology and visual effects they had at their disposal back in 1987.  And with everything they were doing back then being much easier and cheaper to do now, there’s pretty much no excuse for this taking so long to get into production, or being as expensive as they claim it’s going to be.  His problem is he’s trying to cram movie quality production into a tv show budget, and it just can’t be done.  I don’t know where those laser brains get their delusions.

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