Photo: Topless Vin Diesal on set of Riddick 3

Vin Diesal recently shared another production still from the set of Riddick 3 of himself, this time sans shirt, that also gives us a rare look at the character without his trademark goggles masking his face. And then there’s that massive bone staff he’s holding that raises another set of questions…

Diesal offered the following words of reflection on his facebook page to accompany the release of the image:

“A still from the Riddick set this year…”

We are in post and I can’t tell you how excited I am to see it manifest. You all were such a part of it becoming a reality… willed it into being, so to speak… Filming Fast this summer is going to be incredible, haha… Thank you again for the opportunity to make magic.”

Guess he’s happy to be back to working films that rake in the moolah. I’m happy for the guy and hope his begins another streak of entertaining films as I too am looking forward to him filming Fast 6 this summer!

Source: Comingsoon

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