Exclusive Interview: Brett Gipson from Knights of Badassom

There have been documentaries on it, comedies have used it as bits of added humor, but there has yet to be a movie that both glorifies the world of LARPing while adding comedic value…until now. If you haven’t heard of the movie Knights of Badassom then you better start preparing for this upcoming film that may tickle your geek funny bone and open your eyes to the world of Live Action Role Playing.

I recently had a chance to sit down and talk with one of the film’s stars, Brett Gipson, who plays the role of Gunther, the mighty viking LARPer. Brett was kind enough to give The Movie Blog some details about this upcoming film and his experience working on the set alongside other cast members.

Brett I wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk today.

Definitely, glad to do it!

So Brett you’re working on a film called Knights of Badassom, tell me a little about your role in the film.

Well the film is about group of Live Action Role Players that are going into this big battle and end up conjuring a real demon. I play Gunther, the mighty viking who is the muscle of the group. I am basically the protector of Summer Glau’s character.

That’s not a bad gig…

HAHA, no it’s not.

So you mentioned Live Action Role Playing, had you heard of LARPing before preparing for this role?

A friend in college was into it, and he tried to convince me to try it. He told me how you could battle in a controlled environment which reduced the risk for injury. He also turned me on to the documentary Monster Camp which provided a lot of background as well.

I’ve seen that as well and I think you learn just about everything you need to know about LARPing after watching that documentary.

Definitely. It also helped that we had experienced extras on the set that were coaching us as we went. When the call was sent out for these guys, they were pleased to see that this movie is something that glorifies LARPing rather than making fun of it. We had extras from a group known as LARP Alliance and they would educate us on LARPing, showing us how to make and check our armor and weapons, teaching us about hits, casting spells, etc.

That’s awesome, it’s always good to have a real world perspective on the roles you are playing.

Oh definitely, those guys were a big help on the set.

So you had quite the preparation on set, how did you prepare for this role prior to filming?

Well it’s kind of bizarre actually because I auditioned for the role and really wanted it but didn’t find out until much later that I got the part. Shortly before the film began shooting, I got a call asking if I was still interested. I had about an hour to pack and catch a plane. All of my prep time began once I stepped on to the set.

Wow, that’s pretty short notice but also a nice surprise.


A few of your co-stars have a very specific fan base, Summer Glau in Firefly, Peter Dinklage in Game of Thrones, Ryan Kwanten in True Blood, were you familiar with their work on those projects?

I was not, I knew of Peter Dinklage and Steve Zahn. Summer Glau stepped in front of me and I thought, wow she’s cute. When I shared the trailer to Comic Con with these guys I got to see how strong their fan base was and the excitement generated from the crowd.

Do you think we’ll see you at Comic-Con this year?

I definitely want to go back, it was a totally new experience for me.

Were there any particular co-stars who you connected or bonded with on the set?

Definitely Ryan Kwanten. The other cast were more reserved until I had proven myself. We had a dramatic seen butting heads together and bonded pretty quickly both being active guys. We would be mountain biking and rock-climbing off the set and I would be beat but then Ryan would go shower up and then we’d have a beer and go shoot some pool.

Would you say it was a bromance?

HAHA, definitely a bromance…we challenged each other and we are both very competitive people.

I saw that you also have somewhat of a theater background playing Rocky in The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Yes, I did quite a bit of theater in college and after college.

Would you say you prefer theater or film?

The thing I like about theater is that it has immediate gratification and you know when you’re doing your job. The audience is right there in front of you. With film you’re answering to one person, the director, and you don’t know how well you’ve done until the final product after all the editing and cuts.


Some of Brett’s theater work…

Do you have anything lined up for the future?

No, looking for hire. I’ve been going around film festivals with a short film I recently did, Snooze Charlie.

Brett thank you for your time.

No problem, thank you.

My conversation with Brett was a pleasant one. You can tell from his tone that he has a lot of energy and is very enthusiastic when it comes to his craft. He is building a very diverse background with his past experience in theater, current work in film, and his exploration of the indie world. Make sure to catch the upcoming film Knights of Badassdom and see Brett in action.

You can see a trailer for Brett’s short film, Snooze, Charlie, below.

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