Would Angelina Jolie still join Sin City 2?

If you would asked Robert Rodriguez who he would like to cast in a Sin City sequel then he’d probably answer “Everyone who survived the first one, and Angelina Jolie”. In fact the director actually met with Angelina back in 2007 shortly after completion of the first film and had discussions with her about joining in on a sequel. Unfortunately fate did not have a Sin City sequel in its plans until only recently and since that time Ms. Jolie has moved on to different things with her career. The question now is would she still be interested? Is Robert Rodriguez still interested? Would the film benefit from her participation in a¬†universally¬†appreciable way? MTV caught up with Rodriguez at a recent premiere and quizzed the man on the red carpet:

MTV: There was huge news last week with the green light for “Sin City 2.” You’re beginning casting now?

Robert Rodriguez: We still have to cast. I’m shooting “Machete” next month, and we go right into “Sin City.” It might overlap, but we haven’t done any casting yet, except for the people who we know are already in it and returning. “A Dame to Kill For,” all those people come back. I just had lunch with Mickey [Rourke] this weekend. He’s all excited to come back, but he’s probably the first one. I saw Rosario [Dawson] too. I ran into her for something else, and she’s pumped. They’ve always been excited about doing another one, so that will be fun.

MTV: Was a “Sin City” sequel always in the back of your mind? I know there have been plans for years.

Rodriguez: It was immediately [known] that we were going to do it. I think it was 2007, and I was already meeting with Angelina Jolie and people to do it…

MTV: Are you still looking at casting Angelina Jolie?

Rodriguez: I haven’t even gotten to meet with her yet about it or discuss with Frank about who we would want to go with or talk to first. That’s a fun process, but that probably won’t happen in the next month.

So casting is underway and the decision seems to mostly rely on Frank Miller’s facial expressions and reactions to whomever walks through the door. That’s downright disappointing. Don’t get me wrong the guy’s input on the original Sin City and in ‘300’ were very much appreciated. I just haven’t appreciated much of anything he’s done since those days. Rodriguez didn’t confirm or deny any interest to court Jolie so it almost seems that he’s not interested or just not willing to announce anything without a binding contract in place. And would Jolie still be interested in such a film? She’s a family woman now and is even going through the effort to be involved in a Disney film in the interest of her children. I’m not sure sure that she would still be interested in this kinda role and the ship just may have sailed on this one.

Source: MTV

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