Lazy Mundaze April 2nd

Welcome back to another installment of Lazy Mundaze, the segment where I help you extend your weekend via the magic that is procrastination.

Let us begin!

First up we have a trailer for Rise of the Guardians, if you ever wondered what it look like if Santa had ink-sleeves and a passion for kicking ass look no further.

Holdup, is that the easterbunny? Ridiculous everyone knows he doesn’t exist, moving on.

Ted Red Band Trailer brought to you the good people of Funny or Die.

Mila Kunis, Marky mark and Peter Griffin as a stoner teddy bear. Fuck you thunder.


Weekend Box Office Results (Domestic) via Box Office Mojo.

The Hunger Games reigns supreme beating out Wrath of the Titan’s and Mirror on their opening weekend. In other “news” the earth is round and the sun is hot.
Wrath grossing an estimated 34 million, Mirror 19 million with Hunger Games grabbing another 61 million bringing the total gross to 251 million.

That is it for this week, with my NPD taking a big hit from the emerging McGyver mullet off to the barber’s I go!


Have a good day friendo.


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