Wrath of the Titans – Makhai Featurette

Tomorrow we see the premiere for Wrath of the Titans, while the first film was disappointing the trailers for Wrath have me hoping that it’s not just a(nother) case of great-trailer-shit-movie. Without a doubt the only thing I enjoyed from Clash was the setting, greek mythology, its cool its old as hell.

A multitude of ferocious vicious creatures, check.
I was to go see Wrath tomorrow in order to bring you fine people a review but someone else will be fielding that this week but you know what I might go see this anyway. Slap a conjoined-twin-death-machine on screen and apparently I will buy a ticket.

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4 thoughts on “Wrath of the Titans – Makhai Featurette

  1. I wasnt impressed, like you can be sold a ticket as its greek mythology, loads of action and i was brought up on the old clash of titans and jason and the argonaunts.

    First film was better and to'me that was worth a watch a second time and a dvd purchase but this one is gonna have to be left until tv release now

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