A fan made trailer that possibly could have saved John Carter

There are a lot of fan made videos out there but this fan made trailer for John Carter is one worth viewing. The trailer captures more about the story than any trailer that I have seen for the film and also includes some key action shots. Take a look below.

Via: Ain’t It Cool News
I think that this video captured more than all of the official trailers combined. The story is explained for those who are unfamiliar with John Carter and it focuses on the more visually stunning shots. If I had seen this trailer my anticipation for the film’s release would have been substantially higher. It’s sad to see what happened to the film, but maybe if the trailers would have been this informative we would have a greater possibility of a John Carter franchise.

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9 thoughts on “A fan made trailer that possibly could have saved John Carter

  1. I thought the trailer was amazing and I personally loved the film. It is true a bigger names star may have saved John Carter as Taylor Kitsch is an unknown commodity at this point but I thought he was pretty good in his role.

    I loved Lynn Collins in her role as Deja Thoris, that is one beautiful lady.

    I am a fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs, I have also read the comics so I have a very good knowledge and deep admiration for the John Carter character and story. I just think its a very limited fan base and maybe most people dont get it?

  2. Just viewed the film trailer. It is a good effort to market the movie; however, good movies don’t keep quiet for long. A film trailer can’t save the movie. John Carter is already a box office failure. Moviegoers would rather watch something different than John Cater. Bad movies such as The Devil Inside spread like wildfire. YOu can’t trick the moviegoer to watch a film just because of a film trailer (Prometheus is the exception).

    Science-fiction adventures can work well if executed right. I guarantee you that Prometheus and The Avengers will make a fortune. Prometheus explores an end of the world theme, which is an underutilized genre. The Darkest Hour was a horrible movie with a bad ending.

    Adolescents even identified John Carter as a dumb movie. Maybe Disney should’ve casted an A-lister and focused more on the storyline rather that visuals and special effects to reduce the total budget.

    1. TRAILERS CAN’T CONVINCE MOVIEGOERS…oh except Prometheus and Avengers lol. You contradict yourself after making a strong statement. I take it you normally don’t watch trailers then? How can you say a trailer won’t convince people to watch a movie?

      I didn’t watch John Carter based on the original trailers, but after seeing this and hearing good things, I’ll definitely check it out. I had no idea what Prometheus was about and didn’t really care. But the trailer is bad ass and now I’ll be there opening day.

      Avengers: I thought, they’ll never make it work. How can you make a movie with such big stars and characters without focusing on one and really developing the movie? The first trailer…I was like meh, it stands a chance. But the one that just came out, was incredible. Midnight screening for sure.

      So don’t say trailers can’t help. There are sites devoted just to trailers, because the build excitement. Yes word of mouth goes along way, but if you excite people to go opening weekend, you stand a better chance of recovering costs. If John Carter would’ve had better trailers, it would’ve had a better opening weekend and they’d be in a better spot than they are now.

      1. Even with this movie trailer, John Carter would have not been positioned to compete better. People watch movies based on interest and preference. Apparently, John Carter neither falls into the “interest” and “preference” category.

        I indicated there are exceptions when a movies is unique. If another future astral projection movie surfaces, people will watch the movie. Natural Disaster Movies, End of the World movie, Metaphysical Movies, and Exorcism Movies are all popular.

        John Carter is an expensive Star Wars knockoff. No movie trailer could have saved the movie. Most teenagers weren’t not that interested to watch the movie. The steep slide in three weeks proves the movie is a box office blunder.

        Word of Mouth helped Bridesmaids, Good Will Hunting, As Good As it Gets, Insidious, and other movies. Whenever a movie shows box office stamina, the word of mouths reflects on that the earnings. However, word out mouth of The Devil Inside movie ending doomed the movie. The movie only made another $20 million after the opening weekend of $34.1 million.

        Movie trailers are effective, but you’re giving too much credit to this trailer helping to carry this John Carter film. It doesn’t sense to suggest this movie trailer is enough to lead John Carter to a blockbuster. The movie is obviously not that interesting or the actor is not good enough like a Sam Worthington to carry the film.

  3. A movie trailer is not going to convince moviegoers to watch John Carter. That’s a poor excuse to think a film trailer can entice people to watch a movie. Word of mouth helps good movies generate revenue. We’re not in a film theory class trying to discuss visual aesthetics. It’s lame to think a move trailer could have saved a movie.

    Most film buffs I know think the movie is bad. I would rather watch Avatar again than watch John Carter for free. It’s sad that excellent screenwriters with past hits took part in this movie disaster, or more so a disaster film. Good movies will make money no matter what a movie trailer conveys.

    The 7.1 IMDb rating is too high for John Carter. Gladiator is much better movie than John Cater. The screenwriting is far better. We root for the Gladiator to defeat his enemy and to reunite with his family. If a studio is going to spend this much on movie, they better cast an A-lister to carry the movie. Do you think the Snakes on a Plane and Friday NIght Lights actor is enough to make this film a blockbuster?

    Hopefully, the film recoups a portion of the investment in the foreign market to avoid taking over the Waterworld spot soon. John Carter will struggle to make $100 million domestically. The $300 million budget is bad decision making. Too bad Andrew Stanton couldn’t transfer his Finding Nemo and WallE success into this film. Stanton is no Cameron.

    There is little hope for John Cater to recover. The movie won’t make $10 million this weekend.

  4. No film trailer would have saved the fate of the John Carter film. The studio made the mistake to cast an unknown actor in the lead role to carry an overpriced movie. The same recurring movie concept doomed this movie. It is obviously no Avatar movie. Sam Worthington is a far better actor than the John Carter actor.

    1. Have you even seen the movie? What does it matter to us how much they spent on it? That’s such a lame crutch. Does it look like a $250 million movie? I don’t know. And it doesn’t matter. People need to review it without any mention of costs. But what I DO know is that it looks pretty dang good. The CGI characters are spot-on. And it’s obvious that the movie has failed to this point because no one has a clue what it’s about. The posters are awful and the trailers were a mess. Yes, a better marketing plan (including trailers similar to what you see above) could have saved it. There’s still hope.

      1. WHereas moviegoers don’t care about the cost of a movie, the movie studios care about the cost when movies tank. Titanic defied the odds because James Cameron is a brilliant writer and director. You can expect Cameron to make excellent movies.

        John Cater never enticed me to watch the movie. Stars Wars succeeded at a time in which moviegoers witnessed a major film breakthrough.

        As a result, loyal Star Wars fans connect with the characters. The Return of the Jedi twist ending energized the movie experience. In my honest opinion, the John Cater marketing plan failed since the studio focused too much on the expected outcome rather than on possible failure.

        However, a film trailer, movie tagline and movie poster can’t make a movie into a blockbuster. The opening weekend catapults a film, predicting whether it performs or fails. The marketing failed to entice the right audience demographics to deliver a blockbuster.

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