The Dark Knight Rises: The childrens toys

Images are making their way around the web showcasing the beauty, and cuteness, of the known principle stars for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film in toy form. We’ve already seen the offerings that are coming from DC direct, but let’s take a look at the latest offerings for the kiddies.

Via: Rama’s Screen

That is a cute Selina Kyle. Sure, part of me wants to say the action figure from DC Direct’s line of toys was attractive, but how can you resist those irresistible chibi eyes of Selina Kyles courtesy of Funko? I dare you to stare at mini-bane and not want to buy one for your kids. I DARE YOU.

All of the toys will be showcased at the upcoming annual New York Toy Fair. I’m guessing that my invitation for this event was accidentally lost in the mail but the issue is soon to be rectified. Right?

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