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I was a bit shocked when this trailer was announced to a few days ago. Why? The movie won’t be released into theaters for about 7 months and they really didn’t have to feed anymore fuel into the hype machine but this isn’t me complaining. No, not at all. The more they want to share the better, as far as I’m concerned, and this trailer shows plenty without showing anything unexpected at all.

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The trailer looks great when you take into consideration that the movie still has 7 months of production within its schedule. The special effects and glimpses of the Hulk do a lot to encourage excitement for this nerd-boy and are very much appreciated. I really like that they don’t seem downplay Tony Stark’s personality as I had been a little concerned that his ego-centric characteristics may not be a good fit in this ensemble. I like his interactions with Steve Rogers and Bruce Banner that implied that this team may not have a smooth transition from soloists into a group.

I like the inclusion of Hiddleston’s Loki but what I really like is the absence of the actual threat. If you pay close enough attention you’ll notice that you don’t even see who or what is causing all the freakish explosion in the busy streets of downtown New York City. This absence but allusion leaves us in the dark on whom Loki has recruited to aide him in his cause against Earth’s Mightiest.

I’m not getting too much from Scarlett Johanssen or Jeremy Renner and I’m afraid that Scarlett’s role may be relegated to hot action poses while holding big guns. If that’s the case I can look at her leaked cell phone photo’s, but hopefully there’s more to her character in the film than what’s revealed in this trailer.

Overall I’m fairly impressed with the look of the Avengers thus far and their emphasis on the explosive effects. So far I’m greatly looking forward to the preview of the Avengers movie that Marvel Films is bringing to New York Comic Con this year, and hopefully I can share some new details with you guys when I cover the convention this upcoming weekend.

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