NEW Puss in Boots trailer

Another trailer for the Puss in Boots spinoff movie is making the rounds today. It shows a bit more footage than we’ve seen before showcasing a bit more of the actual plot of the movie.

<a href='' target='_new' title='&#39;Puss in Boots&#39; movie trailer' >Video: &#39;Puss in Boots&#39; movie trailer</a>
Via: Rama’s Screen

I didn’t like the accompanying music as much this time around, but the comedy and style of the movie is still on par. None too shabby, and is still on my kids’ radars so I’m still looking forward to this movie. Sure, the Shrek movies had a hard time maintaining momentum over 4 installments but I have a feeling that spinning off with Puss in Boots may be a way to rejuvenite interest in his character and may re-open doors further down the line. The trailer seems to hit all the right comedic elements that children and adults both can enjoy, plus the movie enjoys the benefit of associating with Guillermo Del Toro as he picked up Executive Producing credit for this movie.

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  1. What happened to this site? I understand John is no longer around but wow. I used to come here everyday for my movie news but what’s the point now since the site is hardly ever updated. It makes me sad :(

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