Bradley Cooper could be the Crow

I’ve been apprehensive about even sharing this news in hopes that it’s part of a bad fever dream but the persistence of this rumor is forcing my hand. The word on the net is that Bradley Cooper is in early negotiations to take on the mantle of the Crow.

Source: Dark Horizons

Cooper recently flew to Spain to meet with the film’s director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (“28 Weeks Later”) who “sparked” to Cooper’s take on the character. Fresnadillo is currently re-writing Nick Cave’s script which was penned for the previous incarnation of the reboot that Mark Wahlberg and director Stephen Norrington walked away from. Edward R. Pressman, Jeff Most, Ryan Kavanaugh, Enrique Lopez Lavigne and Belen Atienza will produce and shooting aims to kick off in the Fall.

I’m not one of those guys that thinks we even need a new Crow movie to be made but what do I know? There’s possibility for greatness with a Crow movie as the original premise is ripe with entertaining potential. On the other hand it could turn out as disappointing as most of the sequels made. If they do in fact make this movie I’d like to find out more information to better opine whether I think it’s a role for Cooper. Yea, it weaseled it’s way onto the ‘radar’ with this.

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8 thoughts on “Bradley Cooper could be the Crow

  1. I was shocked at first but after thinking about it … the casting DOES make sense. If you’ve read the original graphic novel, and it sounds like they are basing if off that again, the character was a sweet, romantic soul and wannabe rocker in life … and in death … demonic.

    So basing it off that – it kinda makes more sense than a tough guy Mark Wahlberg type if that is the storyline they are going for.

  2. I would honestly much prefer if a studio took a gamble on Neil Gaimans “Sandman”. The story is rich, plenty of characters and it could be beautifully shot. It’s as dark and Gothic as the crow and wouldn’t be treading over old ground.
    The story of the crow was done to death with the end of the first movie, did not need all the sequels and definitely not the T.V. show.
    As for Bradley Cooper I could not possibly see him as that character. Then again that was said of Heath.

  3. As much “Respect” as Brandon Lee deserves (any actor helming any movie is replacable), I think the sequels that came out weren’t a showing of any respect for the audience. (cause they sucked!)

    As for Bradley here, I dont think I wanna see any other Crows, I dont care who the actor is.

    just sayin’

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