Universal wants to give you more DOOM

Right now it’s only a rumor- but Universal could be considering restarting DOOM.
Escapist gives us this dire warning:

There are rumors that Universal, the studio that owns the movie rights to the Doom games, is planning a big screen reboot, barely six years after the original movie came out. The 2005 movie starred Karl Urban and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as part of a futuristic military team sent to investigate a distress call from a Martian outpost.

And that 2005 film flopped hard. One bit that everyone but me seemed to geek over is that idiot’s idea of having a first person shooter POV scene late in the film. Doom (the film) I thought had a lot going for it as some creature feature designs go but they were too few and I wonder where all the budget went. The film overall was a crapfest.

Today I stumbled on this news. Now, if it was a DTV effort maybe…they could get away with it. But a PG-13 Doom? Big budget? On a game that – well let’s just say it may have paved road for many a game, but it is past its prime. I don’t think the studio is that serious- but you never know.

Anyone want a DOOM redo?

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5 thoughts on “Universal wants to give you more DOOM

  1. I would love to see a reboot but more along the lines of Doom 3! The original Doom books were just too out there for a movie but I think the story and monsters from Doom 3 would be amazing. The 2005 movie was a massive sh!tfest…I was excited to see the Cyberdemon and what did they do instead; a retarded fight scene with the Rock and K. Urban jacked up on demon steroids.

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