Derek Luke is a Howling Commando

An interesting tidbit surrounding the Captain America movie is the reveal of Derek Luke’s character in the movie. Dark Horizons brings us the details that he will actually get a somewhat recognizable role as he portrays Gabe Jones:

Source: Dark Horizons

In comics lore, Jones was the first African-American to serve in an integrated unit and a close confidante to Sergeant Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). Jones would later join Fury as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I’m not too familiar with Luke’s work but I do know that I wasn’t a fan of his portrayal of Sean “Puffy” Combs in the Notorious movie, which partially isn’t his fault as I believed Puffy should have played himself in the flick.

The Howling Commando’s comics are way before my time. I’m not familiar with the character at all, but I am familiar with the lore surrounding the Commando’s and Nick Fury’s exploits with the group during WWII. What I’m not clear about is whether or not Fury will appear as a participant of the war.

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3 thoughts on “Derek Luke is a Howling Commando

  1. Wouldn’t it be funny if the “Other” Nick Fury does?

    Screw this, Whens the Full Trailer coming?
    it’s kinda scary that they dont have one ready yet at this point.
    at this rate we’ll probally see Spideys trailer before Caps.

    Jones’n dude!

    1. Yeah maybe the original Nick Fury was the first head of Shield which could be formed shortly after WW2. After the original’s historic tenure maybe every Shield Director after were given a new identity (to protect their families) and renamed Nick Fury. Kinda how certain CIA agents in the A-Team movie were all named Lynch. That would work and fix the continuity problem too.

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