Conan’s colossal trailer

Browsing through the yahoo website I came across what appears to be, to my knowledge, the first trailer for the new Conan movie.

I’m technically impressed with the approach of the trailer, but a bit underwhelmed as far as the approach for the source material. I guess I’d hoped for more action as opposed to the random scenes displayed in the silhouettes of smoke we received as I had more appreciation for the logo at the end. Either way, this trailer did little to elevate the movie on my radar.

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14 thoughts on “Conan’s colossal trailer

  1. Looks cheap. There may be a camp factor quality to it that could save it, but I’m not so sure. I’ve never liked anything with this movie’s lead in it before though. In fact, he’s ruined things I have liked when coming on in later seasons (Stargate Atlantis).

  2. I know the teaser isn’t great by our standards, but I am still keeping faith that this is going to be good or even great. What kind of reaction would Arnold had received today if we had only seen him say “By Crom” in his terrible Austrian accent? I think many would have had the same reaction or even worse.

    Just sayin

  3. Honestly guys… its a teaser.

    I think calling it Colossal in the title was an overstatement, but this is just a teaser for the film. We haven’t seen anything yet.

    Looks fine for a teaser.

      1. He looks more like a neanderthal, but that’s cool to me. Seriously, you prefer your blood-thirsty barbarians to have the face of a GQ model?

      2. No not at all LOL.

        This has feel of the comic, but (early on) feels off for some reason, Hey we all are gonna have to delete Arnie from our hard drives but as long as theres a Dude shooting “snake arrows” I’ll learn to deal with it.


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