Snyder says Superman will not Kneel Before Zod

When I heard the Superman Reboot was going to include General Zod, I was puzzled. I was curious to see a new take on the character, but at the same time, I was hoping this Reboot would break new ground instead of rehashing old Superman film stories.

Thankfully Snyder has come forward to say that Zod is a rumour.

Latino Review says:

Snyder simply responded, “For now, it’s just a rumor.”

Snyder also discussed about getting this coveted directing gig over many names that surfaced as potential directors.

“I’m not sure what I’ve done. It wasn’t like a run race, which would have been easier to do. Anyway, I think that you have to do your best to describe this world and that the character of Superman needs to be relevant again without disrespecting this mythology. That’s my goal,” said Snyder.

I am actually happy to hear they are not playing with Zod.

Reboots have a big set of shoes to fill already, as they are inevitably going to be compared to the franchise they are overwriting, so they would be wise to stay away from ANY of the existing film villains.

That means no Luthor, no Zod and no Luthor.

And no Richard Pryor (inevitably played by Chris Tucker)

Keep it fresh and pull from some other significant enemy in the history of the franchise. But don’t go TOO big, or the sequel will fall under its shadow. The hero formula of origin movies having minor villains works best here.

And whoever it is, we find out that their motivations were the result of Luthor meddling from the background in a reveal like Professor Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes.

Luthor is not a front line villain. If they do toy with Luthor again, they need to keep him the enigmatic puppet master. Give him a presence, but never let on that he is truely behind Superman’s conflicts.

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14 thoughts on “Snyder says Superman will not Kneel Before Zod

  1. I’d say Brainiac is the logical villain for Supes right now. then introduce Doomsday then Darkseid. Forget Zod Ursa and Non and Luthor. Tired of them already.

  2. Guys, he didn’t debunk Zod, read it again, it’s all in the wording. He said for now that it’s a rumor. In other words eventually it will confirmed that Zod either is or isn’t in it. He didn’t say he wasn’t so he didn’t debunk anything.

  3. brainiac would be a good one since it ties in with his krytonian heritage, brainiac could have escaped with kal-el when his parents shipped him off before the planet went BOOM!

  4. I really didn’t think they’d go with Zod, and I’m glad to see/hear that they aren’t. I’m sure Lex Luthor would get an honable mention, but like Zod, I’m glad the character is AWOL.

    Bizarro, Brainiac, Metallo, Darksied…it’s time to see another Superman foe on a big screen. Save Zod for a rainy day.

  5. I get the feeling this guy will Rock us to the core, and show us some great new Superman images on screen that have not been done yet w/ the character

    here’s to hoping!

  6. IT’s Snyder they need to just go balls deep and pull out darkseid. Make him fight granny goodness’s bitches and then end it with a precieved superman victory and tease Darkseid’s immenient arrival for a sequal.

  7. I agree. If they ever use Luthor in the future I wish they would establish a past relationship or friendship between Clark and Lex like in some of the old comics and which Smallville handled so well in the early years of the show. What would be interesting is a bond between Clark and Lex that is carried over into adulthood and the only issue Lex ever has with Clark (Unbeknownst to Lex of course) is Superman and Lex’s mistrust of this superpowered alien from another world. Play Lex as a man with good intentions who would do anything to protect the earth from what he see’s as a threat to mankind. Yet everytime Lex meets with Clark that friendship still resonates because he doesn’t know that Clark is Superman and Clark continues the friendship not only because he see’s the good in Lex but also to protect his identity. Now that would be a great story and relationship that could carry over in to several movies.With Lex as you said Rodney having a background presence probably as a financer in Metropolis not as a totally evil sociopath. I find this so much more relateable than he’s just EVIL. The audience would be able to relate to both characters and also choose to agree or disagree with each characters ideology.

    1. I dont want Clark and Lex to be friends. But they will cross paths often because of Luthor’s financial empire and Clark is a journalist.

      I like the idea of Luthor being the mastermind and puppetmaster instead of in Superman’s face.

      1. What about them being friends and slowly drifting apart because of Superman? I just really liked how Smallville handled it and I felt the power of the friendship and the pain when you saw two good friends becoming distant because of ideological differences. I don’t know…I just think Superman just needs some characterization, something we as normal people can relate and grasp on to when we watch this movies. It’s kinda like the great mythologies of the past. They had these all powerful gods that we could relate to because they mirrored the same flawed traits that we exihibit. Well…whatever they do I just hope it’s something different.

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