Baldwin, Aterton and Copley in talks for Men in Black 3

Alec Baldwin, Gemma Arterton and Sharlto Copley are all in talks to join the cast of Men In Black 3. This is good news indeed.

ScreenRant reports:

Baldwin will play the MIB boss back in 1969; Arterton (Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time) will play a secretary in ’69; and finally Copley (District 9) will play, “a fast-talking Yoda-type alien.”

I am in blissful glee about this film now.

Just imagining Arterton in a Mad Men styled sassy secretary type has my pulse going, and after seeing Copley in A-Team, I could see him as a fast talking alien, and of course Alec Baldwin…. well he’s Alec Baldwin. Shuddap.

This is really shaping up well.

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6 thoughts on “Baldwin, Aterton and Copley in talks for Men in Black 3

  1. Sharlto?! Arterton?! I’m sold!! The movie will probably suck, based on the abysmal MIB2, but I like the casting, except for Baldwin!

  2. dont like baldwin anymore…cant stand aterton’s voice…love copley though so ill count this as good news…btw in that picture aterton kind of looks like uma thurman from pulp fiction.

  3. Sharlto Copley was definitley a bright spot in that A-team movie.

    What about Frank the Pug???????????????? best part about that sequel by far! (time travel)

    1. Well do we ever get told how old he is, I mean his alien race could age differently than us. It be interesting to see him in his alien form and then get assigned the pug suit.

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