Hugh Jackman leaves Avon Man for Wolverine 2

Seems that fish out of water gender role comedy Avon Man is going to have to do without all that Hugh Jackman charm. The film about a manly man finding success in the female dominated home based business has lost their primary lead as Jackman has pulled out… to do Wolverine 2!

Testosterone restored.

Fused Film says:

Hugh Jackman has left the project Avon Man, of which he has recently been attached to star in after his robot flick, Real Steel.
The site presumes, as do we, that this is because he is ready for the mutton chops and claws again for Wolverine 2, which rumor has it is going into production next year.

I am really eager to see Wolverine 2 just out of the morbid curiousity that they might pull it out of the X-Men tailspin the films have been in since The Last Stand.

I didn’t hate The Last Stand, and I did enjoy about half of Origins Wolverine. But they were not up to par with the first two X-Films and this franchise deserves better.

There is a lot of positive buzz around First Class lately, but I would really like to see them recover from Origins Wolverine.

Hell, I’d like to see them remaster Origins Wolverine with some dialogue changes like Stryker suddenly knowing that an admantium bullet will wipe Logan’s memory, or just saying that Weapon XI isn’t Wade Wilson. And fix the damed fake looking claws in the bathroom scene…. I hope someone got fired over those highschool hack effects.

Those things alone would improve the film about 90%

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6 thoughts on “Hugh Jackman leaves Avon Man for Wolverine 2

  1. And if I’m not mistaken, ‘Real Steel’ has pretty much wrapped up principal photography, right? I think some folks saw the success of Expendables this past weekend, as well as the fantasy action Scott Pilgrim. I think Hugh Jackman might have been one of them, and came to his senses.

    Follow up the robot boxing movie with another sci-fi action film. Wolverine II just hit the gas pedal.

    This is great news.

  2. I loved the first Wolverine. Not as good as X-Men 2, but my second-favorite X-Men universe movie after that one. Just a smidgen above X-Men, and lightyears above X-Men 3.

    1. To each their own. I hated almost everything about Wolverine. The only thing I found good was Reynolds as Wade Wilson, and that final fight at the end. Other than that the special effects were as if it was made in the 90s, the dialogue was cheesy, and too many cliched moments. If I were to rank it among the films, then I would say it’s the worse ever. Actually, I would say it’s almost on the same level as ‘Batman and Robin’ (not exaggerating).

      However, the film suffered greatly from the writer’s strike, which won’t be a problem this time.

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