Lord and Miller to direct Lego Feature Film

The world’s most succesful toy that has more recently made quite a business for itself releasing sets of popular movie franchises will be getting adapted to the big screen.

It makes sense that they adpated movies to their toys as kids of all ages have been building their favourite movies with the toys forever anyways. Now the toy will be a movie itself with Chris Miller and Phil Lord directing.

Cinematical says:

Warner Bros. is prepping a LEGO flick and Lord and Miller are in final negotiations to write and direct it. There’s no word at all on the plot, but the feature will mix live action and animation rather than simply setting a story all in LEGO.

I really have no idea how to wrap my head around how that might look. Live action interacting with Lego? Will it be a little Lego man come to life? Will it be a creature that continually reforms itself out of Legos?

But if involving Lord and Miller, its going to have a quirky comedic charm that I am sure to love. I am still a little sad that their Clone High only got one season. That was some awesome work there.

Considering Legos have no real plot on their own, and this will not be a Lego adaptation of some other film, an original script will have to be applied. Building an original story around an existing plotless franchise. Who says there are no original ideas left in Hollywood?

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