Edward Norton Talks Hulk – No Sequel No Cameos

The Incredible Hulk owes any of its success to the portrayal of Dr Bruce Banner by Edward Norton. Well on the tip of everyone’s lips with Marvel rolling out the big films is when, if ever, are we going to see Norton as Banner. I would have thought with the Super Soldier Serum used as a plot device in the last Hulk film we might see him cameo in Captain America, but considering that film will take place before Banner was born, we might have to wait for The Avengers.

Flickcast says:

Speaking at SXSW, Norton was asked about whether he would be doing a sequel to The Incredible Hulk. For fans of his take on the Hulk, his answer is somewhat disappointing:

“I don’t think so,” he said. “I think it has got more to do with what Marvel is doing. I get the sense they have this grand vision of unspooling a lot of their characters and then starting to put them together. I think they can only do so many at a time. Obviously, they are doing Iron Man 2 and then getting some of the new ones out.”

As much as I loved Norton in the role as Banner, it is very likely that including the Hulk in any future films might just be a permahulk situation where we dont see him transform back. Hulk went through a number of phases in his history where he was an intelligent mind in the Hulk’s body, the simple mind that changes back to Banner willingly, and of course the more traditional out of control Banner that makes for better storytelling. Dont get me started on Gray or Red Hulk.

The idea that Hulk might be considered for the Avengers would either have him as a threat (not so much a villain) following the formula of the badguy not overpowering the story of your first film. But he is certainly not going to be involved even for a cameo (as far as we know) for Captain America or Thor.

It sounds more like it is an issue of them simply not using the Hulk than Norton saying he won’t play the role, at least not until The Avengers – if at all.

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22 thoughts on “Edward Norton Talks Hulk – No Sequel No Cameos

  1. OMG I hated the newest hulk movie with norton SO much. The 03 Hulk movie was a world better(and thats not saying a lot)!

    I cant believe they made this horrible remake with minor tweaks in the story just to satisfy nerds who read the comics, and what REALLY gets me is that they got away with it! 3 stars!? BS!


    p.s. this is my first blog post in my entire life that I can think of. i just had to post my feelings about this somewhere.

  2. Ed Norton was brilliant as Bruce Banner, and played the role perfectly. I can’t imagine anyone playing Bruce Banner better. If anything, I’m a Hulk fan now only because of Ed Norton.

    So if Marvel does decide to include the Hulk in the future, and they should, then Ed Norton needs to be a part of that.

  3. Myself I thought that Norton actually looked more like Bill Bixby in the tradition of the franchise then Bana ever did. I loved the,”Courtship of Eddies Father” Bill Bixby cameo in (Incredible Hulk)
    Ya know.(IMO),Norton’s a fantastic actor and that means that your gonna get these hang ups and control issues.
    I hope Norton and (Marvel) resolve this. He’s a great Hulk/Bruce Banner!

  4. why the F is everyone comparing Bana and Ed??? really? is it that important to compare 2 great actors??? sheesh! find something else to complaint.

    On the topic, perhaps its the Shitaries as the main villains? so theres vibranium and Black Panther? but i doubt it, thats more like the animated Avengers storyline lol

  5. Would be cool to trade back and have Bana do it.
    (if Nortons not into it)

    Didn’t really like Bana in first flick, then I saw Munich and he’s been on my solid list ever since..(he rocked that role).

  6. Tyler(Ty Burell?) is funny as hell on his new show, didn’t really know who he was on Hulk but his part was small anyways.

    never thought Norton was coming back anyways, just put in the CG hulk tearin’ crap apart and be done with it.(just like the comic) and bring in the real villan KANG!

  7. i say bring bana back, he is a great banner. he brouht alot to the first hulk ad it wasnt his fault for the script and the wa ang lee took it. if you dont think bana is awesome, watch the movie “Chopper”. great performance

  8. Marvel should ask Norton to do a cameo after Leaves of Grass comes out.

    That movie sucks so bad, that I wouldn’t be surprised if Ed Norton is knocked off his high horse after its release.

  9. Indeed. If Banner can learn to control his Hulk self, it is reasonable that the Hulk personality would not only win out, but perhaps even acquire some or all of the Banner IQ as seen later in the comics. I personally would want a sequel w/ a restart of Man-Thing as well.

  10. Well I loved the new hulk it was much more refined and edward did a fantastic job of portraying the new hulk… the 1st one with eric banna did a good job also but we needed something more realistic and less glowing green and something more part of the marvel universe, didnt get any better then the new hulk imo.

    And how can anyone deny Tyler !

    I hope they give the same approach too the new spiderman/fantastic four, make it more realistic.

    Heck imo Hulks just a the beginning we need to still see Wolverine go up against hulk even if it is gonna be cgi mainly ! still plenty hulk adventures left !

    Its true everyone wants a reboot or redoing after Dark knights success, and it shows its possible but only if done well enough from the beginning.

    1. This is disappointing indeed. I can’t help but feel this is still all related to Norton’s displeasure of working with Marvel the first time around.

      I guess there were some things that happened that Norton didn’t agree with regarding editing and such? Needless to say he was very animated about it at the time.

    2. Agreed, the only reason the reboot was better than the first was because the story was better. If Eric played hulk in the newest edition it would have been awesome.

  11. Norton added nothing to the Hulk movie as far as i’m concerned. I say find an unknown to play Banner. & i hope they get rid of Tyler while their at it.

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