Mr and Mrs Smith 2: Meet the Jones’ – A Reboot!

I often defend the originality in film when people say that EVERY film is a remake (you just notice those – there are more original films but you just don’t see them advertised as much) but then Fox goes and does something like this that really doesn’t help my cause.

It seems they are taking the premise of the Jolie and Pitt action film Mr and Mrs Smith and re-envisioning it as Mr and Mrs Jones… and rebooting the movie.

Fused Film says

The site also reports that the new film will be titled Mr. and Mrs. Jones and will not feature the original film’s stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (duh!). This new film will revolve around a younger couple who are set up as a fake husband and wife when they complete their agency training. Slightly different from the 2005 film as it centered on a dull married couple who both lead double lives as assassins without either of them knowing their spouse’s true profession until they are caught up on the same mission.

Reboot? Hardly, this is like the Cruel Intentions sequel or The Skulls sequel. Its a RE-HASHING. Tweaking small parts of the plot and refilming the same movie is hardly a reboot. When the story is this close to its predacessor, its just silly to try and candy coat it with “re-imagining” when they pitch it as basically the same movie. If they manage to pull out something original from the concept, then it might be worth a watch, but it sounds like the same film again.

Apparently the motivation for this recycled film is to “revisit a popular title without the high-priced talent, going with younger, more cost-efficient stars”

And there it is. Like any sequel or reboot (or any film for that matter). Its a cash grab. I predict Direct-To-DVD.

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23 thoughts on “Mr and Mrs Smith 2: Meet the Jones’ – A Reboot!

  1. Seriously…Please don’t make this movie if that how they’re gonna write it.Without Brad and Angelina the movie is pointless,They barely kept the first one alive.

  2. Ok so this reminds me of the classic movie like “Friday,” “The Nutty Professor,” and movies that had a great original appeal then had sequels that were not as good and often times changed the characters that made the movie hot in the first place. First off, how will some ordinary actors try to top the Angelina and Bradd Pitt?? Then on top of that the film is exactly like Mr.and Mrs. Smith??? This is basically a waste of money and a complete setup for failure….and i agree with Rodney- i can see this going straight to dvd.

  3. I loved David Lynch’s Dune, and it was actually what turned me on to the book series, but if there ever was a Sci-fi story deserving of a remake it’s Dune.

    I mean that movie was downright weird. Way too many of David Lynch’s idiosyncrasies for a story like Dune (Loved the internal dialogue, where you can hear the characters think to themselves).

    But I do hope they do not dumb it down to a mindless action flick, keep the political intrigue at an all time high, and I shall be a happy camper.

  4. Leave old films alone and create some new ones – oh wait, Hollywood has ran out of talent or the suits just want to squeeze more money out of well know franchises… if rebooting is to create a new franchise – well we’ve had A James Bond reboot done already, so was the Hulk. A few more in the works are – Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Alien, Judge Dredd, TMNT, Tomb Raider, Predator, The Phantom, The Crow, Buffy, Conan .. to name a few. Yes, Hollywood has ran out of Talented writers. I mean they’re re-doing DUNE for god’s sake.

      1. I disagree…..there has never been a structured timeline in the Bond series. Casino Royale merely followed a rule that never was…..told a story we hadn’t heard. How does that make it a reboot?

  5. they cannot be serious. Suddenly since Spider man caught the reboot flu, everyone has been licking the wounds of Spider Man 3 and caught the virus themselves.

    I loved Mr. & Mrs. Smith and like some movies, they just need to be left alone. However i think that Mr. & Mrs. Smith would have been great if they considered a sequel. There was an endless possibility for a plot for the sequel.

    BUT NOOOOOOOuuuhhhh. They want to make a reboot to get more money when they eventually do a sequel to Mr. & Mrs. Jones.

    and not being stereotypical here, i have the strangest feeling they will cast a black couple for this movie.

    & not even well known actors -__-

    1. I actually think they wanted a sequel, it was a milky enough cash cow–but I don’t think they trust Perez Hilton and E! News as much as us film-nerds do; they just didn’t see the Pitt-Jolie sudden break-up.

      Either that or Jolie’s had enough of spy flicks, specially after M&M Smith, Wanted and Salt…..

  6. Terrible news…

    I agree, Rodney. About both the fact that it will go straight to DVD and that it is way too reminiscent of the “sequels” to The Skulls and Cruel Intentions.

    I hate that they try to consider something a sequel when it’s the same movie done over again except worse.

    1. To be fair, it isn’t a sequel at all. That title above is just my nutshell look at it. This will be a fresh reboot simply called Mr and Mrs Jones (with what appears to be the same plot)

    2. Why crucify a film even before it goes into post-production? Opinion is one thing, but belief in something that hasn’t even STARTED yet is just weird :-S

      If I remember correctly, John and Rodney were both quite against Avatar–and that was AFTER the trailers were released…..and look what became of that movie…..

      I’m not saying this’ll be great, but Mr. & Mrs. Smith was a good, mindless entertainer…..funnily enough, I was thinking why there wasn’t a sequel just yesterday…..I kinda like the new concept, quite similar to Witness Protection Programs in how their lives are fake and only THEY know it, the people around them don’t…..who knows, it might just be good in the hands of a decent director and a good cast…..just saying…..*

      1. Not crucifying it at all – right in the article I say “If they manage to pull out something original from the concept, then it might be worth a watch”

        It just sounds like a bad idea.

        And neither John nor I were against Avatar. Just that it didnt seem to be worthy of the praise it was getting considering no one knew anything about it until we got the first trailer.

        People were raving about how amazing it was going to be after seeing one picture of a Na’vi and still knowing nothing about the plot.

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