Updated: A-Team Trailer Online

A less bootleggy version of the A-Team Trailer has made its way on the net an even single day after we shared the less clear version that was leaked yesterday.

So in case you are having a hard time finding the blurry one, or just want to see it in its clean HD version… here it is:

I am just in love with the nostalgia factor here. The narrative trailer is just like the opening credits – almost word for word. The VAN!! A montage scene of them welding a war machine of some sort MacGyver style! I love it when a plan comes together! And seeing that they have to knock out BA before putting him on a plane is perfect. They are not just coining taglines, they are paying attention to the character idiosyncrasies as well.

I am actually digging that Rampage is not being MrT even though he looks a lot like him. The goudy pile of gold chains and “I pity da fool” is appropriate to leave out so that they can “have” a BA Baracus, but not have a Mr T. He still has some sassy ‘tude that is still the spirit of the character.

And Neeson IS a badass.

Everyone looks good in their roles, and the Tank’chute scene is plausibly impossible and adds to the fun.

I wonder if their aim will be better?

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14 thoughts on “Updated: A-Team Trailer Online

  1. I used to watch this show on TV Land so I am very excited. And after watching the Ultimate Fighter this year, Rampage is a very funny guy so I’m excited to see him in the role. GI Joe was made to just be a fun movie and it did that. I’m not expecting an Oscar winning movie

  2. Chris beat me to it…

    3/4 of the casting is spot on, and who else can you get to play Mr. T? Rampage is about as good as it could really get. Although, Tiny Lister would’ve been good about 10 years ago…

    My issues are resting with the writing and effects teams…

  3. Ya I’m sorry to say I agree with all of you. I couldn’t help but feel like I was watching a GIJOE trailer from last year.

    But I do agree with Rodney in that I like that Rampage isn’t trying to be Mr. T. Its just he hasn’t proved to me that he can be intimidating.

  4. just seen trailer. i knew it another 80`s tv classic screwed up by nig money hollywood. i already hate film now hated the idea when they mentioned it. now they have just confirmed my fears. arampage.face.. murdock. crap. cooper in the tank scene . i cant believe they done that. half asses special effects. just dosnt cut it now a days. leave it 2 the originals who knew how 2 do it.

  5. Yes it is cheesy, but that’s what The A-Team is all about. The A-Team was a very fun show to watch and I think this new movie will be too.

    I love it when a plan comes together, as it should be!


  6. OK this looks cheesey as cheese can be. BUT it looks great and thats what you want from a old 80’s TV series made movie! Should be rather good.
    Now all we need is a new Knight Rider movie. Woo .

    1. I agree, cheesy with a side of queso. But the trailer looks great it makes me wanna see it. I’m not really diggin rampage with the mohawk and side burns, looks weird. And Bradley Coooper looks friggin jacked, made me say “Damn!”. Is it just me or can Liam Neeson never really pull off a different accent than his own? He just sounds off as if he’s trying way to hard. Still wanna see it, I know I will laugh and enjoy the action.

      1. Yeah I know what ya mean about the “Damn!” thing haha. And YES i agree Liam Neeson cant do another accent. I mean even as a Jedi he sounded the same and he could have done ANYTHING with that role HAHA. But still gonna have to see it. And liek we say its meant to be cheesey cos thats what made the series and the Action will be so too far and stupid BUT thats what us action fans love abotu these films to escape normality! and have a laugh on the way lol.

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