Transformers 3 to start filming this May – July 2011 Release is reporting that Transformers 3 will start shooting this may and be on target for a July 2011 release. Here’s hoping we get something better than the disappointment Transformers 2 was. I would like to a see a darker version this time around, lose the jar-jar binks wonder twins, make Megatron a bad-ass again who bows to no one.

Shia LeBeouf and Megan Fox are of course reprising their roles which I suppose is a good thing. I hope Sam’s parents are nowhere to be seen though, the whole pot smoking scene by his mother could have killed the movie by itself.

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46 thoughts on “Transformers 3 to start filming this May – July 2011 Release

  1. Keep the running in slow-mo with explosions in the background to under 100 shots.

    No more hood-rat Transformers please

    make me be able to tell who’s who in those huge battle sequences

    Make mega-tron as bad ass as possible and not take a backseat.


    That and more mouth and belly shots of Megan Fox (slow-mo acceptable in this)

  2. i guess I’m the only one who thought the pot humor actually added to the movie.. or at least was some of the only funny parts of the movie. LeBeouf’s ma may have acted a fool but the whole theater was laughing during that scene

  3. I’ll be sure to sit this one out too. The first was so hard to get through and the second one looked like more of the same crap from the first. No interest. But hey, it did well and people dig it. Can’t say i’m suprised.

  4. after seeing ‘2’, i kinda sat there feeling like i had just watched ‘1’ over again. just had the same feel with a few differences, but not really a different movie.

  5. you guys DO know that the script leaked online like early December right? I thought it was pretty good. this proves that the script was legit.

    1. leaked does not mean finalized. May is a target date not set in stone. Lots of variables can change between now and then. It has happened before and can easily happen again in this market.

  6. ROTF was definitely not crap, albeit definitely lacked credentials to be a great film. What it was meant to be was fun, and I think for the most part, it did that job fine. These movies can not be all things to all people, so it has to go for it’s target audience first and foremost. The rest is bonus. Bay will continue with his methods and there will be more teenage lunacy and rudimentary jokes, but don’t expect too much of a leap towards being a “great film”.

  7. I loved both of the first two movies, although sure, they’re far from perfect. Can’t wait to start seeing stuff on the 3rd one released, such as pictures, behind the scenes stuff, spoilers/rumors, and of course teasers/trailers.

  8. As a hobby I’m writing a REALLY dark fanfiction of the Transformers Mythos. I’m trying to finish it so that I can publish it.

    Cause lets face it, the franchise just turned 40 this year. And why not make the series darker I know some of the comics were really dark. So why not keep the essence of the series intact but mature the franchise.

    I’m just sayin lol

    1. Why not mature the franchise? Two words.

      Money. Money.

      No matter how adult you want the series to be, it will never happen because they need to market this to all ages.

      The only transformers comics that were truly dark were the G2 stuff in the US market and it was garbage. War within was gritty, but not dark.

      1. “The “humor” is too juvenile for adults, and mature for kids. Only the idiotic teenage community finds these “jokes” funny.”


    2. Transformers turning 40?

      Try 26. The first G1 Transformers came out in 1986, not 1970.

      And yes, Rodney is right – if they make the TF franchise mature, dark, etc – they’ll lose money, so that isn’t going to happen.

  9. I think they’ll revert to more G1 stuff for part 3. I hope the premier Autobots and Decepticons will be appearing on this movie. I’d like to see Dinobots, Ultra Magnus, Omega Supreme, Aerialbots in this flick.

  10. I actually thought Sam’s parents were the only funny thing about Transformers 2, seeing as all the other jokes involved dogs humping each other and a giant devastator with iron testicles.

    I hope this one will be much better. And it would also be nice if they got someone else to the song at the end for each, even though I personally like Linkin Park

  11. When I was a kid I would always race home after school to catch my favorite cartoons. Transformers being one of them along with He-Man, Voltron, GI-JOE. But I find these films atrocious and a bastardization of my childhood memories. I am fully aware that a few things would have to be adjusted for the transition to film and to bring it up to a modern setting. But…having said that. I feel It would of been just fine for them to roll with the original G1 story with just a few minor changes. There are too many things about this new saga that aren’t clicking with me.

    1. Yea good for me that I was not born a decade earlier and never got to watch those 80’s cartoons.(Enjoyed early 90’s cartoons) Because obviously, that would have impeded my enjoyment of watching the G.I. Joe and Transformers movies.(No bastardization of childhood memories) I mean I own them I Blu-Ray. Yea yall can talk shit, but I really enjoyed them(bad humor and all that).

    1. you know I’ve been seeing those on people’s cars near where I live more and more. makes think either i’m going crazy or there really are transformers.

    1. I suggest doing more night scenes. I mean the night scenes in the beginning of the 2nd film were badass. Also, go back to doing more city scenes. The desert scenes were good but I think the city scenes are better.

      1. The 3rd one will have absolutely no urban fight scenes. Sorry. Space and desert.

        Actually theres one chaos scene in the city, but thats it

        Im too hyped about the Spiderman 4 news to care about transformers though! Am i the only one??

      2. how do you even know there will be no “urban fight scenes”? SO far as I understand the filming hasn’t even begun, and the script is not finalized. That seems a bit of a brash assertion unless you are the screenwriter, in which case thanks for the heads up!

      3. You don’t need spotlights to see what’s going on. It looks unnatural and cheap with such harsh lighting in the night scenes.

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