Avatar Tops $1 Billion in 3 Weeks

With Avatar just dominating the boxoffice, it was only a matter of time before it inched ahead of The Dark Knight’s impressive billion.

But will it eventually climb to the top of that list?

Boxoffice Mojo reports the All Time Worldwide takes:

1. Titanic $1,842,879,955
2. Return of the King $1,119,110,941
3. Dead Man’s Chest $1,066,179,725
4. Avatar $1,018,811,000
5. The Dark Knight $1,001,921,825

Avatar sure has a LOT of steam just flying in a staggering 3 weeks to accomplish that cool billion.

However Avatar still hasn’t matched The Dark Knight’s domestic boxoffice.

I have only to wonder how much longer this will last? Can Cameron’s Magnum Opus trump his previous film – Titanic, that currently has a comfy untouchable #1 spot with $1.8billion worldwide?

Here I was wondering if the film would have the broad appeal it would need to even make back its rumoured $500million production budget, let alone the hidden costs of promotion.

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53 thoughts on “Avatar Tops $1 Billion in 3 Weeks

  1. Yeah I heard he was directing it (spiderman) and even thought to see some very early trailer to it then POOF, Raimi showed up…

    going off poor memory..

    The toy’s to this hopeful franchise are the ONLY weak link.

    1. I still think Columbia Pictures should consider hiring James Cameron for directing future Spiderman movies once Sam Raimi decides to go off and do other things. It’ll create an unprecedented buzz to mainstream audiences that the King of World is helming the webslinger’s next adventure.

  2. Wow. I read here on the net reporting that Jim Cameron plans to direct two sequels to Avatar plus the long-planned Battle Angel Alita movie he has in mind. But aside from those things, I wonder if he would like take over the Spiderman franchise once Sam Raimi’s tired of the web-slinging superhero. I have seen a lot of interviews that his favorite superhero is Spiderman. Have Marvel/Columbia Studios thought about giving Cameron the blanket authority to direct a Spiderman feature film?

  3. When Avatar’s theater run ends and the DVD/Blu-ray sales of this flick plus ancillary merchandise and broadcast/TV rights of this flick are all summed up, I am very very sure James Cameron will earn somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 to 500 million for himself. Does he own all the rights to this movie, Rodney?

    1. I believe Cameron does have the rights. (I have heard nothing saying so – but also nothing saying he sold them to get the movie made – Like Terminator) This movie was intended to be a showcase for the new technology he spearheaded the creation of, which is why he hasn’t made any films since Titanic.

      Aside from a distribution deal, there is also toys and other merchandise – not to mention that he owns the animation tech that “bridged the uncanny gap” which is sure to be pimped out to other studios.

      I am sure this will keep Cameron swimming in money for a long time to come.

      1. I wonder if he is making Spielberg, Lucas and Peter Jackson jealous, with this sensational box office performance of “Avatar”.

  4. A lot of people are seeing this movie in 3D. Maybe it reached the billion dollar mark by making audiences pay an extra five bucks for tickets? Not that I found it a bad movie, just commenting on something that might factor in.

    Any way, James Cameron must be a happy, happy man right now :)

  5. Interesting to that this time around 20th Century Fox didn’t chicken out when it came to the budget, with Titanic they needed Paramount as a partner.

    The box office takings are a clear indication that the huge $400,000,000(+-) budget was money well spent.

  6. I just watched the movie Sunday Night.As it has just released in Pakistan on 1st of JAN. What a movie it was. Highly visualized, which i had never seen before. I liked the story, it was really nice and it mixed well with Visuals. The house was full and people were saying that they ll come again n again to watch this masterpiece. Look at the Gross it has earned so far then criticize it dude. Most of the people did not like The Dark Knight either, but u may have a look at its gross as well and that was not in 3d either. So no issue of price-hike of 3d. We have no 3d facility here in Pakistan but still we are loving it. Even my friend was very critic when he knew bout aliens n stuff but he was leaving the Cinema with stunned eyes :)
    Avatar is breaking the records and u are criticizing it that`s very bad. Seems u just want to convince people forcefully that its a bad movie LOLZZZZ
    U must be kidding yourself dude. Don`t spoil our party which we got by watching this movie. Try to get enjoyment for 3 hours. I m sure if u make movie it wont last even for 2 hours lolzzz

    1. @”Avatar is breaking the records and u are criticizing it that`s very bad”

      So what if the film is breaking records? That doesn’t mean we can’t criticize what we didn’t like.

      @”. I m sure if u make movie it wont last even for 2 hours lolzzz”

      Ah, the old “You can’t do any better” arguement, its so weak.

  7. Rod

    What do you think would give it that extra 1 to be a 10/10?

    I was having this conversation with my mates and we pretty much all loved it but couldn’t put our fingers on how it could have been better.

    1. The plot was the only weakness, and only in as much as it wasn’t the most original.

      The story was a good one, but done before (many films are variations of the same plot/story – not the end of the world) but if the story was purely original, I would be 100% sold on it.

      That being said, this adaptation of a traditional storyline already used is still a good one to go with, so it wasn’t a bad thing. But it was the ONLY thing holding me back.

      1. Okay, I just finished reading the 100+ page Avatar (Project 880) scriptment and, while I enjoyed the movie, I am kinda sad after reading what JC originally planned, because it sounded pretty amazing. Much more Science Fictiony as apposed to Avatar’s fantasy, which I would have personally liked more of. Also the characters and plot seemed more developed. The scriptment, overall, seemed more like a James Cameron film than the final product did, to me at least. I highly suggest taking a gander at it.

  8. Personally I think that Titanic skewed to a larger segment of the public than Avatar does. Titanic was the retelling of a historic event known around the world bringing out the older crowd. Titanic also made Leo the biggest teen heart throbs in the world for a short time and never underestimate the affect that teen-aged girls have on the boxoffice (see Twilight movies). Many of these two groups will and have gone out to see Avatar, but I doubt they’ll support in as large of numbers as Titanic. Avatar may challenge Titanic, but it will be in large part because of higher ticket prices. Either way Cameron will end up with the two highest grossing movies of all times.

  9. That’s flat out amazing. 1 billion in 3 weeks. I’ve never understood publicizing what a movie makes but I can sure appreciate the accomplishment of 1 billion in sales.

    This thing might give titanic a run for its money. I might even go see it a second time.

  10. In my mind I never doubted for a moment that it would break 1-billion especially abroad. A movie like this is wasted when not seen on the big screen in 3D. I know the story is nothing new, but its the way you tell the story that really matters and Cameron did that in spades with Avatar.

    Its also refreshing to see that the studio isn’t whining about piracy with this film, the constant whining of studios really gets old. This is a perfect example of bring something fresh and new to the table and it will make money.

  11. Just saw it yesterday finally… regular 3D, but want to go again for imax 3D. Sure the story is an oldie, but damned is it not my favorite telling of it on the big screen yet. Not to mention Cameron added his own flare to it with a few surprises here and there. What a beautiful and lush world they created. Any word on how much of a box office drop-off the third week brought?

    All I have left to say is, “BRING ON BATTLE ANGEL ALITA!”

  12. I think when people paid the first nickle to watch a flicker the quality of the story did not matter because they were watching something never seen before. They watched with wonder and told friends. Avatar is much the same. I just watched the making of Episode III and they were so jacked that they could replace the stuntman’s face with a digital image. That just got trumped in a big way and people are responding to the technology as much as anything.

      1. Another factor is the weak dollar compared to many foreign currencies. The majority of the gross is international.

      2. Incorrect, all current and existing Foreign Exchange Rates have been applied when calculating the Domestic and/or International Gross of this film.

  13. Avatar will most likely make more money that Titanic worldwide just because the price to get into theaters is a hell of a lot more now than in 1997/1998 plus most people are watching Avatar in 3d and Imax and the tickets for those theaters is even more than a regular theater…..BUT I dont think it will make more than Titanic in the USA.

      1. I think there are about a billion things to disagree with that statement.

        Its not “plain and simple” That you didn’t enjoy it is fine, but its not plain and simple.

        You are clearly in a minority.

      2. Just because the movie is a financial success does not it is a “good movie”. The vast majority of reviews I have read regarding the movie only give it a positive review because it is visually stunning, and not because of the extremely weak plot.

      3. I liked the plot… sure it’s been told before, but it is a damn good story… and Avatar is by far my favorite presentation of that story to date. Can’t wait to see somebody else tackle it down the line and see how it compares. I do like how you refer to critics, as if they speak for the majority, glad I don’t live in your world.

      4. Then according to you its the biggest scam of the century. After 3 weeks there is little sign of this thing slowing down and EVERYONE is talking about how amazing it was and how good it looked.

        People don’t go to movies more than once if they think it sucked. People don’t tell their friends to go see a movie if it sucked. People don’t go to a movie when it sucks.

        The only part of the plot that is considered “weak” is its parallels to Dances with Wolves, Last Samurai or Pocahontas.

        You are free to dislike it if you want. But try not to act so surprised when 99% of the people who have seen it will disagree with you.

      5. @”The only part of the plot that is considered “weak” is its parallels to Dances with Wolves, Last Samurai or Pocahontas.”

        And, the fact that you could already predict what was gonna happen in the end.

        They send Jake Sully to live with natives and convince them to move or they will blow them up, anyway. And, SURPRISE they don’t want to move. Damn, they spent 2 1/2 hours to tell us that.

        But, I loved the film for its visuals and characters.

      6. @ AvatarSucked

        You really created a user account just to say that one movie (supposedly) sucked.

        Thats some serious bitterness. Maybe you would be more at home at AICN?

      7. 99% of people disagree with me?!? Well maybe the homerish fan boys that you talk with, but with 83% positive on RT it far more then 1%, its more about 1 in 5 people agree with me.

        I would also say the anti-war/big greedy corporation/save the planet theme is completely worn out since the Iraq war and the many corporate scandals of the early 2000s.

        The majority of people that I have had a chance to talk with about the movie wanted to see it because of the spectacle that it is, and even though I don’t care for the movie, I would still recommend seeing it at the theater for anyone that has interest in it because that is truly the best way to enjoy the spectacle.

      8. @Avatarsucked…

        Rotten Tomatoes has not been relevant in reviews for years now. You might want to read something else on this site aside from THIS discussion.

        RT is not a valid justification to your argument. The ratings on that site as as random as your presence here.

        You appear to just be here barking “it sucked” for the sake of disruption.

      9. LOL @ Rodney…Yes Indeed the Sioux did move.

        BTW I’m 1/32nd Sioux Indian. And born in Sioux Falls, SD…

        I don’t see Avatar beating out Titanic mostly because Titanic is just TOO TIMELESS>>>>…

        I think Avatar fizzles around 1.6B worldwide and 475M domestic. My question is that what if this was a more original story?

        “Everyone” says that Avatar has “borrowed” elements for story A,B,C,D,E, and F. I sorta-agree…but it was still amazing…

        Cameron has now indulged the masses and he is now a modern master that George Lucas only wished he was…

      10. Rodney,

        I think AvatarSucked is trolling. At least that’s what I thought when I read his first comment. That you followed up with the fact that he created this account to comment in this particular article with the name “avatarsucked” pretty much seals the deal that he was merely trolling to get a reaction.

  14. WOW! It beat The Dark Knight. My aunt still hasn’t seen it, but she says she’s going to, so that should add a few dollars extra.

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