First Look at Kristen Stewart in Welcome to the Rileys

Kristen Stewart took some time between Twilights to film an indie drama set to premier at the Sundance Film Festival. We have our first look at Welcome to the Rileys, and Kristen’s sluttier stripper look.

First Showing says:

Today we’ve got your first look at the film, which stars Melissa Leo, James Gandolfini, and Kristen Stewart. According to reports from earlier this year, Stewart went completely nude in stripper scenes, but that doesn’t exactly mean we’ll get to see much. The film is about a couple who come across a young stripper that oddly seems to comfort them as they’re still grieving over the death of their own daughter.

So far from Kristen Stewart all I have seen is an awkwardly mopey girl with very little personality. And then there is her film career too.

I just don’t care that much for her as an actress. She was what made me want to see Adventureland, just to see if she was more than just Bella, but she was pretty much the same awkwardly mopey girl in that too.

I find that when she cleans up, she’s not hard to look at (she has moments) so the premise of her as a stripper might not be terrible. But maybe this will be something different for her and we can see if she has what it takes to outlive the Twilight films.

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26 thoughts on “First Look at Kristen Stewart in Welcome to the Rileys

  1. I put her in my top 10 to be honest. Others on that list are: Mila Kunis, Miranda Kerr. I can’t think of any others off the top of my head but thought I’d add those names for a bit of context.

  2. She’s a cute girl, but hot? I don’t think so.

    And based on the pictures above, I just can’t buy her as a stripper. Her arms look kinda skinny.

    She could pass as a crackhead, though. (Judging from how she acts in the Twilight series)

    1. Nooo, she was like 17 and she was freakin’ hot in that movie (keep in mind im 18 myself, and i saw that movie when i was like 14 or 16)

      Yeah ever since that movie shes been really attractive.

      Youre confusing Zathura with “Catch That Kid” perhaps? In that movie she was like 11

  3. In Adventureland, her character is a slut.
    In Into the Wild, her character is a slut.
    In Twilight, her character is way too obsessed about a hot male vampire and that makes her kinda slut.

    And now, her character is a stripper.

    I’m laughing my ass out.

  4. I’m wondering what happened to the decent performance she gave back in Panic Room. Then I start to think that maybe it was Fincher that got it out of her. If she can gets decent material and a good director, maybe she could surprise us all.

  5. She has a fair little indie catalog of films most of which I have seen and I’m not impressed. She’s pretty much the same in every movie. When she works with a good director she’s not bad, but she’s bland. She was awful in Twilight, but decent in New Moon. I liked her in Adventureland, but again it wasn’t a huge stretch. She needs to relax on screen. She’s far too fidgety and looks as if she’s thinking about her next line and emotion instead of relaxing and flowing with the moment. I’m curious to see how she performs in The Runaways I have my doubts we’ll see anything more than the same thing, which makes me sad.

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