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I have a quiet fascination with Shaolin Kung Fu. It all started back in the 80s with Kung Fu cinema classics like the Five Deadly Venoms, and even when John and I were roomates in the early 90s, we actually had a Staff of Insolence in our livingroom inspired by Shaolin vs Llama.

So when I came across this trailer for a documentary called The Real Shaolin, I had to check it out.

Trailer Addict describes:

The Real Shaolin is a moving, poetic and action-packed documentary feature about two Chinese and two Westerners who journey to the Shaolin Temple in China, inspired by Jet Li’s Kung Fu movie “The Shaolin Temple”. In the course of excruciating martial arts training, their fantasies to become Kung Fu warriors collide with harsh reality, as the Shaolin Temple is the ultimate test for martial artists from all over the world. Will they achieve their goal of living the Shaolin dream?

It would be interesting to see how much of the Shaolin from the movies exists in real Shaolin Kung Fu.

This looks amazing.

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8 thoughts on “The Real Shaolin Trailer Online

  1. Never was much into kung fu movies. Mainly because it’s so unrealistic as a fighting form. Why spend thirty strikes trying to beat someone when a takedown and jaw strike works far better?

    Kung fu in film seems more like an excuse to show of the art rather than actual fighting. Honestly, if its so good then why is there ten minutes of blocking? Shouldn’t one person be able to win?

  2. I am also a fan of the Martial Arts and anything relating to Shaolin Monks I will watch. You are right in mentioning Shaolin vs. Lama as it is one of the greatest Gung-Fu movies ever made. For me, I always felt Five Deadly Venoms was a little over-rated as I enjoyed “The Kid with the Golden Arm” and many other Venoms movies much, much more. Shaw Brothers has such a large library of cult movies its hard for anyone to say which are the best.

    I will look for this title (The Real Shaolin) and thanks for the heads up.

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