Ben Stiller’s Greenberg Trailer Online

A new trailer has hit the net for Ben Stiller’s Greenberg. The film deals with Greenburg, who is literally fresh out of the nuthouse. He tries to put his life together and find some meaning but is completely lost on where to start so decides to do nothing about it, until he meets his brother’s nanny and forms a friendship/romance with her.

Quite often Stiller plays the underdog guy who tries to hard to fit in, and this is like the opposite of that, but still the same underdog guy. If there is one thing Stiller can portray in spades it is vulnerability.

This still has a quirky dark comedy feel to it, but I don’t think its aimed to be a comedy at all. Which suits me fine as I would like to see Stiller branch out into more than just the standard comedies he typically does. Not that I don’t like him in those, but he is often the same character in them and I want to see more.

With Little Fockers coming out soon as well, I don’t think we have seen the end of Comedy Stiller, but this is a soft step in a new direction.


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