Having fun with the Disney Marvel Over Reaction

Taking full advantage of the publicity over-reaction to the Disney purchase of Marvel Entertainment, the photoshop contest site Worth100.com threw out a “Mix Disney and Marvel” for one of their weekly contests. Some of my favourites are here below:

Seems I like the ones with Hulk in it best.

Check out Worth100.com to see the whole gallery. There’s a lot of good ones there, some not so good.

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19 thoughts on “Having fun with the Disney Marvel Over Reaction

  1. I dont know whether glee at the prospect of a larger studio house… or putting marvel characters in the get-up.

    But Disney isn’t that dumb (or is it?)

    I look forward to what Disney can come up with Marvel’s library of 5,000 heroes and villains. If they could make movies involving Pirates and still make it good… and creepy characters in films like the upcoming A Christmas Carol and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

    I look forward to see if Disney has the backbone to use the Legendary Marvel characters to their fullest potential

    1. Disney isnt taking over Marvel Films… they just own them now.

      This is the exact over reaction and assumption people are getting wrong. Disney owns ESPN, Miramax and ABC and they dont put the Disney feel on those.

      1. Thanks for clearing that up. Its my fan brain talking, not logic.

        I know that Marvel will now be in a similar standing such as Warner is to DC.

        But the question was why take so long? And so sudden.

        Just wondering that they wont be overwhelmed to the menagerie and size of Marvel universe.

        Assets and rights to themes rides and lands will work greatly in Marvels favor. Especially that whatever collaboration in the future will grab more male audience.

  2. “Disneyfication” is not a crime people, just a way to make things happier. Marvel makes too many violent movies so let’s Disney it up a notch. We already have too much suffering in this world.

  3. All my worries about “Disneyfication” were eliminated as soon as I realized that Disney bought Miramax in 1993. In 1994, Miramax released Clerks and Pulp Fiction.

    1. And then ultimately released the Weinsteins – the powers behind those filsm – when they couldn’t control them…not over-reacting to the purchase, but still watching with a wary eye. Nothing will happen in the sort-term. But pretty certain we will see some big shake-up/drama take place in the next 7-9 years…

  4. LOL, some great pics. My favs are the one with Hulk man handling the Toy Story cast and Iron Man with the Micky Mouse symbol on his chest. Because it’s so subtle, I had to look at it twice to notice it. It reminds me of how so many people also think Disney is just going to sneak in things here and there with future Marvel projects. Like having the Disney logo show up with the Marvel logo, or comments like Miley Cyrus popping up randomly in Marvel films.

    Too funny.

  5. if I recall, isn’t there a hulk ride at universal studios islands of adventure, thought it was a bad ass rollercoaster.

    1. The Hulk ride is actually the roller coaster used in the beginning of “House on Haunted Hill”

      That is one thing I am curious about is all the Marvel content in the Universal Islands of Adventure, and what it could mean for them.

      1. LOL, ya, I didn’t think about that. What is going to happen to all that stuff? And are we gonna see new Marvel rides and such popping up in Disney’s parks now?

      2. Universal is probably going to scrap the Marvel island and remodel it into something else. Disney is probably going to charge Universal an arm and leg for keeping the Marvel section each year. I work at Kings Island and since Cedar Fair owns it now, they charge Kings Island a hefty price each year to keep the Nickelodeon section (kiddie land). I guess it depends on what Universal wants to do.

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