Uncut Podcast For July 16th 2009

Hey there guys. We’re back for another installment of The Movie Blog Uncut podcast. Today I’m joined once again by Soul Video, and along with us comes Kristopher Tapley (Senior Editor of In Contention) and Christina Warren (contributor at Flickcast and her own popular blog)

Today we talk about a bunch of stuff including:

1) The Oscars expanding the Best Picture category to 10 nominees

2) A new pet peeve at the movie theaters

3) Scream 4

4) Should they be doing a “Let the Right One In” remake?

5) Green Lantern casting

All this and a few things more.

You can listen to or download this installment of the podcast right here

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18 thoughts on “Uncut Podcast For July 16th 2009

  1. My only hope is that you guys do another dvd commentary together. The Dark Knight commentary is more enjoyable in my opinion than ALOT of other commentaries I’ve listened to.

  2. I used to get upset about remakes, but honestly, if it gets more people to see Let The Right One In, good. That movie is phenomenal, and even if the remake sucks (likely), I still have that movie…and that pool scene:)

  3. Re: Let the Right One In

    You say that a remake will serve the purpose of giving an amazing story to a broader audience. My argument is that if they’re too lazy to see a subtitled move, then fuck ’em, they don’t deserve to experience this story.

  4. Always a treat to hear one of these again. I swear John you are cursed when it comes to movie going experiences. Never have any trouble.

    The movie gods are testing your faith!

  5. Why is it titled Infernal Affairs? Because it deals with guilt and how it becomes a personal hell. Inferno = Infernal = Infernal Affairs. The literal translation of Infernal Affairs’ Chinese title is “I Want to Be You.”

  6. I could just hear Tapley saying at the concession stand: “Is Kris Tapley gonna have to choke a bitch?”

  7. Thanks a lot for the show guys. One of my favourite long running discussions of the podcast has always been your horrible experiences in movie theatres. It makes me appreciate where I go to see movies cause I have never had to put up with anything close to the shit you deal with.

    And Soul’s resemblance to KD Lang in the picture above is very weird:)

    1. I will be doing video coverage of the Toronto Fan Expo this year, but I have only once appeared on the Uncut Audio Edition on the round table sitting in for Darren once.

      But I assure you I sound like Sean Connery without the accent or the testosterone.

  8. Neve Campbell is co-starring in the new TV show The Philanthropist, which is an awesome show. Granted shows constantly get dropped left and right, but for now she is employed in a good show.

    I stated most of this in the last post about Let Me In, but I think the constant banter about it being a remake is quite misleading. The author of book that last years Let the Right One in was based on has stated that the American was is being written as a “re-adaptation”. Sure, Let Me In, may be in the making because of the movie being released last year, but the script is being written via the book!!! It’s not trying to remake the Swedish movie, it is trying to re-adapt the book to an American audience.

    Everything in this podcast is talking about it as a remake of the of the movie, which again is kinda misleading.

    Here is the interview clip once again:

    The Northlander: And I’ve also got to ask you, Matt Reeves is shooting the American version of LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. How do you feel about that, or Hollywood remakes in general? Especially since this is such a personal story.

    JAL: Yeah well, it’s hard for me to… Tomas’ film is the definitive film, it is, I can’t imagine how anything would be better. BUT, that said, I was very happy when I heard it would be Matt Reeves when I knew there would be a Hollywood production, I thought it was cool that it was him. It had nothing to do with this, but I watched Cloverfield a year ago and thought it was really good. Or, I thought it was a worn out theme that was done in a completely new way, a cool way. So I liked it. And he’s also emailed me and expressed how much he likes the actual story and could identify with it and that he really would treat it with respect and he looks forward to doing this, it’s not something they’ve just tossed at him. ’You’re gonna make this movie, Matt! Chop-chop!’. He really wants to make this film. I think that’s a really cool place to start.

    The Northlander: So he’s read the book and everything?

    JAL: He’s read the book, and he very much likes the book, and I also like very much that from what I hear he’s writing the screenplay himself. It’s really a re-adaptation.

    The Northlander: Good.

    JAL: He will make a new film based on the book, and not remake the Swedish film. So I think it’s more exciting than anything.

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