Nightmare on Elm Street Highschool Set Pictures

Nightmare on Elm Street’s premise is pretty well known and the remake will follow the same formula. Freddy Krueger, accused child molester (and highschool groundskeeper) escapes prosecution so the local parents submit some street justice and murder him by throwing him in a furnace. But Freddy returns as a supernatural killer to reign over the dreamworld in terror – if you die in your dreams, you die for real.

Well shooting has begun and intrepid fans have snapped some set pictures as Elk Grove High School in Chicago transformed into “Springwood High School”.

Bloody Disgusting has a few more shots of the innocent school front rebranded with the movie’s local highschool.

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7 thoughts on “Nightmare on Elm Street Highschool Set Pictures

  1. I wasn’t really interested in this until i heard Jackie Earle Haley was Freddy. Really, thinking about it, the genius that is robert e’s Freddy can not be touched. But, get someone else who is a quality actor to expand the character rather than try to fill the shoes & we could have a quality Freddy on hands. Like with all re-makes,I know It shows a lack of fresh ideas but the originals will always be there for people to enjoy. :o) Here’s hoping for a good old horror movie.

  2. Hands down. Most amazing set photo I’ve ever seen.

    Hopefully the next one released will be an external shot of the city water tower.

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