First Russell Crowe As Robin Hood Pic

The Robin Hood story is one of the all time classic tales. I think the reason for that is that the themes transcend time periods and cultures. The concept of someone seeking social justice, giving ot the poor, being oppose by “the man” who wants to continue a corrupt system that favors the rich and powerful… yadda yadda yadda. And most of us (including me) eat it up.

So obviously I was excited to hear that Ridley Scott was going to be directing a new version of the story with Russell Crowe in the lead.

We’ll see how this develops, but for now the USA Today has released the first real picture of Russell Crowe as the leader of the Merry Men. Check it out:

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38 thoughts on “First Russell Crowe As Robin Hood Pic

  1. Saw the film whilst in Florida USA, really enjoyed it – thought it was a great film, could not think of anything I did not like about it, – great battle scenes, lots of extras, – where did they get the landing craft from, – also recognised the lovely site of Dovedale in Derbyshire, and the beach in Pembrookshire, Wales, thought it was the military training area near Penhale camp, well done, great film really worth watching.

  2. Kinda reminds me of Kingdom of Heaven,…where the location in the picture is, kinda reminds me of the scene where they are attacked by the soldiers at the beginning of the film.

    Looks great. Can’t wait for the film. It’s coming out next year, right?

  3. Screencap looks great to me. Would like to see his bow updated just a bit. Looks like a kids starter bow, but it might just be authentic to the time as it is a period piece so I can live with that.

    As far as the accent, speaking from an American standpoint as long as he has an accent most Americans won’t know or care, there will be a small percentage that demand an authentic accent but I am ok with just Crowes Aussie accent.

    A good movie is a good movie, an accent is not a deal breaker for me. I know Crowe will deliver so I will easily lay down ten dollars to see this at the theater.

  4. How much do you wanna bet that Crowe does the movie with the same “Maximus” type character. I swear if I didn’t know better, I’d say that IS Maximus holding a fuckin bow. Come on…Crowe’s the greatest actor alive John? No…He’s not. Not by a long shot.

    He’ll do this movie with the same boring gruffy Aussie/English accent, he’ll brood, and he’ll kick ass. So if ass kickin’s all you really wanna see…then so be it. And I stopped giving a shit that Ridley Scott was directing when I saw Crapdom of Heaven.

    1. Anybody at all worried too much of ridleys personal politics will creep into this movie? Clearly a”rob the rich to give to the poor” movie is quite timely.But will he make it too current eventsy if you will? Not that its a bad thing and everyones personal politics aside. I am not trying to go there. But I think we can agree Lucas’ personal politics crept into the new Star Wars films and despite what he says the way those movies ended up were not what he had in mind 30 years ago. Thoughts?

  5. I just hope the cinematography is up to par with Gladiator and Black Hawk Down. The cinematography in American Gangster was sub par for Ridley.

  6. Okay from this angle of the picture he looks kinda fit…but in state of play and body of lies he was fucking fat as hell

    I was hoping hed get in shape for this role and he looks alright (hard to tell in this pic)

    1. Hazmat,

      Did Crowe’s weight really bother you that much in those two movies? lol

      Hoffman is supposed to be an aging, out of shape, ex-field agent who took on a cushy job as handler in Body of Lies. His character operated from behind a series of monitors and a headset. Ferris even, in a not so polite way, comments on the weight. Heck, here’s an article where Crowe purposively gained weight for his role.:

      In State of Play, sure he was heavy, but his jelly roll didn’t take away from his character. I wasn’t sitting in the theater thinking, “I don’t buy that he’s a reporter, he’s too fat!” lol

      It’s hard to tell from this photo how fit our phone tossing friend is, but Crowe does look slimmer. ;-)

    2. Oh nononono

      Im 100% okay with someone being overweight, it didnt bother me at all…

      In those two movies his weight was an unimportant factor and to me its overall irrelevant


      If youre playing Robin Hood, you better not be a fatass


  7. I thought he was going to play the sherrif of nottingham in this and the story would be from that perspective. I was all pumped for a new take on the story. This looks like a rehash of the Costner flick, not that it wont be good, but I was excited about turning the story on its ear.

    1. Kevin C,

      Funny, when I look at this photo I don’t think Kevin Costner rehash. If anything I think of Maximus on a hunting trip. As much as I love “Prince of Thieves,” Russell looks like a man who could thrive in the woods whereas Kevin seemed out of place. What gives you the impression that it’s a Costner rehash?

  8. At least eh got rid of that HORRID ponytail he was sporting a while ago.

    I can’t trust Ridley Scott’s mental capacity after he agreed to direct a Monopoly movie.

    1. Oh Scott’s always been a nutter. He’d probably admit as much himself but it sometimes provides wonderful results.

      I remember a quote he gave where he said it was the psychological effect and behavioural change in the people who play a game of Monopoly that fascinates him and that’s what the film would be about.

      Personally, I just like to see a film where a shoe can buy a house and end up in jail.

  9. Where’s Achu, Blinkin’, and Little John?
    Heehee j/k

    Damn, he lost a lot of weight. The last thing I seen him in was Body of Lies and he was pretty big.

    1. 3R!C,

      I agree, Crowe looks to be in good fighting form. lol

      I’m not quite sure why people are poking fun of the man’s weight. The weight helped sell his character as a desk jockey in Body of Lies (Ferris even comments on Hoffman’s weight) and it didn’t distract from his performance in State of Play (I don’t need my ace journalists sporting a six pack or able to crush coal into diamonds). Whenever the dude takes on a role that requires more physicality (Gladiator, Cinderella Man, Master & Commander) he never disappoints.

    2. Yeah, I was just saying. I saw him in American Gangster and he was starting to look more chunky than usual, then I saw him in Body of Lies and he was fat. Now he got skinny again. Just something I notice, wasn’t talking bad. I forget about the timespan between when the films are shot and when they are released, like American Gangster was shot in 2006 and released in 2007. Body Of Lies, shot in 2007, released in 2008.

    3. 3R!C,

      Hey, man, I understand what you mean. Don’t misinterpret my comments as a personal attack or anything. A lot of my friends have been giving a Crowe a lot of flak for gaining weight and I’ve noticed some of the same comments online. My rant of a paragraph was simply an overall defense to those who don’t skip over my comments. lol

  10. Its not a bad costume, it seems very functional, wich I think is the right direction to go in. Having said that I prefer the outfit they have in the Robin Hood tv series currently airing on british television. But I guess it needs to fit the palate, so this works.

    On a side note, does anyone know what forest they are working in? I ask because the picture reminds me of the forst from X-men 3.

  11. The real question is, will he speak with a British accent?

    I loved Prince of Thieves as a kid but even Mel Brooks ripped Costner a new one when it came to his accent.

    1. I recently watched the special edition of Costner’s version, more specifically listened to the director/star commentary. Costner himself touches on the accent. Despite the director’s advise, Costner wanted to give it a try but couldn’t make it sound believable. It was humorous to hear Costner self depreciate over his silly accent. ;-)

  12. For some reason when casting a Robin Hood, Russel Crowe never would have come to mind. Not really sure why. I am looking forward to seeing how this retelling turns out. When I first heard about the project I thought it was supposed to be shown from the other side of the lines and told from the perspective of the sheriff. Guess I heard wrong. I am always up for a good Robin Hood movie, though. I liked the Costner one, even though generally I can not stand Costner. It did capture the mood and setting quite well, and can never get enough Alan Rickman. Hopefully this new take will again capture that world and bring something new to the story telling experience.

  13. honestly not bad… and I agree the haircut is totally different russell. He’s had long hair more recently and I get the feeling of gladiator with this, which is still my fav. russell movie. I think he’s gonna pull this off.

    1. Huh? Are you saying that’s the same cut as in State Of Play? Master and Commander? Mystery Alaska? Cinderella Man? A Beautiful Mind?

      As far as I can see he hasn’t had that cut since Gladiator 9 years ago.

    2. He may have his hair changed but for some reason I always picture him with that hair cut so seeing this to me does look like Crowe in costume.

      Personally I don’t think I like this casting pick right now. Don’t get me wrong, I love Crowe, but he is a little too old. Fryer Tuck, Little John, even better yet casting him as the villein with Sheriff would be awesome. I would rather see someone a little younger. Have a Bale vs. Crowe show off again like 3:10 and it would be gold.

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