Warner Brothers Announces its Tentpole Line Up

Warner Brothers knows how to keep happy and for that you have to stay out of the rain – you make a shelter. So while they are building their own comfort zone of financial stability they keep their tent up with tentpoles.

And this tent will have a LOT of tentpoles over the next couple years.

ComingSoon offers:

The folks over at Warner Bros. have been keeping busy in the last 24 hours setting new release dates for all of their upcoming tentpole and franchise pictures for 2010 and beyond according to Exhibitor Relations.

The breakdown goes something like this

December 25, 2009 Sherlock Holmes

March 26, 2010 – Clash of the Titans

July 16, 2010 – Inception (Nolan’s next film after Batman)
(Same weekend as Marvel Films’ Thor)

August 6, 2010 – Jonah Hex

December 2010 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I
December 17, 2010. – Green Lantern

July 15 2011 –
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II
(Same weekend as Marvel Films’ The Avengers)

I was surprised that Sherlock Holmes and Jonah Hex are listed as “tentpoles” but that might be in part of my interest for the films. My opinion on these might change once I see a trailer, but so far neither of these have my interest above casual, though they are both on my radar. I will certainly see them both.

Placing some of these movies in direct competition with others might seem unwise at first, but considering the specific titles, I dont know that Inception will hurt Thor, or vice versa, but I know that come July 2011, I will have one busy weekend at the theaters. I might even bring my kids!

Which of these are you most looking forward to from the Brother’s Warner?

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22 thoughts on “Warner Brothers Announces its Tentpole Line Up

  1. ppft, if for whatever reason the avengers dont move their release date, harry potter will. Keep in mind harry potter pussied out when they were up agains quatum of solace…

    1. i dont think it would considered “pussied out” when you want your film to make money, it was actually a smart move considering there was alot of hype for QOS.

    2. Quantum of Solace doesn’t even have the same target audience as Harry Potter.

      If you think that Harry Potter moved its release date because of a Bond flick, you are sorely mistaken.

      Harry Potter didn’t “pussy out”, they moved the date because they had no big films to release this summer so they delayed it knowing it would make the same money on its original release date as it will this summer.

  2. Clash is still on, eh? How the heck is that a ‘tentpole’? I could see Sherlock or Jonah Hex having tentpoles, I could see Harry Potter going on (new stories based on the characters without the books) but…Titans? I don’t know a thing about Inception, other than Nolan is behind it.

    No plans yet for Supes
    No projecting plans for Nolan Batman III.
    No hopes for Flash.
    Who’s on GL again?

    A lot of premature stuff aside from Potter.

    1. What I meant for ‘no hope’ for Flash *is not* meant as a slam on the character or the possible talents that will be behind that film.
      Instead, let’s look at these two, Jonah Hex and Green Lantern.

      At this time-

      Jonah Hex has :
      1- A director attatched
      2- At least two good actors we know of
      3- A script

      Green Lantern has:
      1- nobody
      2- nobody
      3- rejected scripts

      But GL is “on that list”. Since sequels to Potter are there, I count the oddity of no plans for the next Supey or Bat film being listed.
      Also off the list is Flash

      At this time, Flash has the same thing Green Lantern currently has.

      1- Nobody
      2- Nobody
      3- A script which may or may not be used.

      So thats what I mean “no hope for Flash”.

    1. Um…what’s wrong with that? By the way, “splitting” is a clearly the wrong way to describe it. What they are doing is EXPANDING. Fans have always complained that the movies were not detailed enough and that too much has been left out. And the Deathly Hollows book is the most completely packed of them all. There’s little chance you could fit all that into one 3-Act 2 hour movie. They made the right decision.

      Plus, they are only coming out less than a year apart, probably. Nobody flipped out when they said they were splitting Lord Of The Rings. I can wait a year or so if I get another good movie.

  3. It’s all about Green Lantern. I’m hoping they knock it out of the park on that one (I think Joss is wrong – Hal Jordan’s journey is a great one that’s very human, and I look forward to seeing it on the big screen).

    Also, being a die-hard Nolanite, I can’t wait for Inception. Jonah Hex looks cool too, from what limited information I’ve heard so far.

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