Robert Pattinson Dumps Parts Per Billion For Twilight 2 Prep

Pattinson-Billion.jpgI’m not really sure if Twilight fans will consider this good or bad news, but it appears Robert Pattinson has dropped out of the movie “Parts Per Billion” that he was scheduled to do with Rosario Dawson, Olivia Thirlby and Dennis Hopper. The reason… apparently they’re moving forward with Twilight 2 plans a little bit sooner than they thought and he has to be free to prep for it.

The reason some Twilight fans may not like this news is because it was rumored that Pattinson was going to do a bath love scene with Thirbly. Oh well ladies… sorry. The folks over at MTV give us this:

What’s even more interesting is that Pattinson’s rep pointed to “New Moon” preparations as the reason why Rob had to clear his schedule for the first quarter of 2009. Which would seem to put him in an interesting situation, as he’s arguably the hottest young actor in Hollywood, but doesn’t have time to make any non-“Twilight” movies!

It is an interesting predicament Pattinson finds himself in. With a franchise like Twilight you do run the risk of forever just being known as that character and be prevented from expanding your career much further (I’m still curious to see how well Daniel Radcliffe’s career goes after he’s done with Harry Potter). Diversifying your career while you’re hot and not yet set in stone as one character seems like it would have been a good move.

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19 thoughts on “Robert Pattinson Dumps Parts Per Billion For Twilight 2 Prep

  1. well i dont think i’ll hurt someone if i say i had nvr known robert pattinson before twilight although i am a great fan of harry potter movies too. and now it’s like twilight would never be the same if robert is not there and somehow after watching how to be and little ashes i feel that robert won’t be the same without twilight either. so being a fan of robpattz twilight i will like to see this combination more.

  2. actually rob’s part in new moon is gonna be bigger than you expect. It’s been told that he will be in the movie more than you’d think. I mean think about it it’s gonna show what he says and does as she thinks it, it makes things easier to understand while you watch the movie.

  3. we are big fans plz make twilight 2222222222222222
    plzzzzzzzz twiligh is the best movie ever realy
    all of u

  4. Mr. Pattison can’t complain:he’s getting roles mostly (or only) because he won the Twilight cast lottery, even my cat would have had thousands of girls screaming after him if he would have picked to play Edward…

  5. I cant believe he will not make the second movie…He was so great in the first. lots of fans. If he doesnt do the rest of the movies, it just wont be the same. The rattings will go down for sure. I mean its true he only has couple parts in the book in the first places so why so much preping time…u would be getting like loads of money for hardley a part and ppl would love the movie so much better and the movie would make lots more money then if he wouldnt be there. Im so down about this like i was in love with this movie and now if hes not part of it..i just wont bother….i rlly hope in the end he changes his mind and comes back for all his fans…and a million more he could have!! WE LOVE YOU <3

  6. Honestly i am happy that Pattison is doing a sequel to TWILIGHT for the simple fact that i simply enjoyed and love that movie. Why not see the sequel to an awesome movie , may even be better then the first . In my opinion i am so stoked and excited to see the second part to twilight because he played his part well and i absolutely thinki that movie kicks ass.

  7. I could not agree more…being that I am a huge twilight fan, the more time he has to work on it, the better it will be. I just wish that he would stop getting in so much trouble. I think that it messes up who Edward is viewed to be

  8. Rosario Dawson? While I really like her, what was the last good movie she did? (I’ll wait while you ponder). Dennis Hopper? Better known as “Straight to dvd”.
    Looks like Pattinson dodged that bullet.

  9. ok guys, he’s getting 12 million to work on this movie. And if his role in this new film is as small as i’ve heard it is, then he’s getting 12 million for close to doing nothing. I say good for him! He’s just 22 and practically set for life with this Twilight franchise.

  10. Pattinson probably had no choice in the matter. I don’t know for certain, but it was probably in his Twilight contract that he was obligated to appear in a sequel no matter when and where it was filmed. That means other, possibly more interesting projects like Parts Per Billion get the shaft.

  11. Considering the time frame of the books, and the need to keep the actors looking approximately the same age, it is critical the filming occur as quickly as possible.

    Really, this is only, what, two or three years out of his career, and he’s only 22. He’s got plenty of time to rehabilitate his image into whatever he wants it to be.

  12. I think when Daniel Radcliffe is done with the Harry Potter movies he will never work again. Probably buy an island and throw orgies every night until he dies, and still have some money left over to leave to his heirs. If not, then he should seriously renegotiate his contract for more money because that is a lot of one’s life dedicated to a single movie franchise.

  13. according to some fans of the books, New Moon actually has very little of his character. It’s basically about the relationship between Bella and Jacob, and Jacob plays a much larger role than Edward does. I think they will change from the books and make his role larger. I don’t get why he needs so much prep if his role is that small.

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