Cera Says Arrested Development Movie is Hypothetical

With all Arrested Development fans seeming to direct their rage at Michael Cera for being the only cast mate to hold out, Cera has broken his silence on the topic and speaks out.

/Film says:

Cera seems actually open to doing an AD film, but thinks that plans aren’t nearly as solid as we’ve been led to believe. “There’s no script or anything, so the movie I think is more hypothetical than people think,” said Cera. He also joked, “I’d possibly play the part. I’d possibly put the script in my shredder…I’m enjoying being the villain.” But ultimately, Cera is “very interested to see what the story is with [the film].”

At least now we know that Cera isn’t deliberately trying to be a jerk even though he is having a little fun with all the flying rumours. But it is also good to know that once something more substantial is in place that Cera would be willing to sign on to it.

I think it would be wise for him to reprise this role even just once to keep him on the radar, but he needs to start playing something other than the quirky shy underdog.

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