Twilight: New Moon Begins In March

We have some news regarding the upcoming Twilight sequel thanks to the probing prowess of Ryan Seacrest via our friends over at the movieweb:

While speaking with Twilight star, Kristen Stewart, on Kiis FM, Ryan Seacrest found out that the production start date for the sequel, New Moon, is set for March. The actress provided some more details…

“A lot of the book takes place in Italy, and I think we’re going to get to go to Italy, which is so cool,” Stewart says. “For a while there, they were like, Oh, we don’t know if we have the money, but now I think we may have the money!”

Yes, it looks like they have all the money that they need Kristen.

I have yet to see Twilight, but I think it’s wise that they ride the buzz and pump the second film out for 2010. Those involved in this fledgling franchise will hardly be able to rest before work begins anew, with all the hype still hot however I think this is the correct decision for many reasons.

Teen Vampires will continue to suck money out of our wallets. (Time to buy Kevlar pantaloons).

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39 thoughts on “Twilight: New Moon Begins In March

  1. i am a mum and i too have read all the books, me and my 11yr old have watched twilight a 10000 times loved it love the story line love bella and edward such a cute couple, im not so looking forward to the new moon only on the grounds is i found the book boring as there was no edward till the end of the book, see you get so used to seeing edawrd and bella in twilight just all bout them, but now they cut him out gee i dont no stephanie i can see most people are upset its gonna be all bout bella and jacob in the new moon.
    anyways love your work guys keep it up…
    are the orignal cast members from twilight casting in all 4 movies??? hope so.. xoxo

  2. i think that robert pattison is the hottest guy in the world and i no that we have heard that before but i would do any thing to talk or too see him

  3. well i think that the first one was lovly i loved it it had so many things about it i can’t want until new moon because i want to no want happens i have some of the sences but it is not want i want to see.

  4. well i think that the first one was lovly i loved it it had so many things about it i can’t want until new moon because i want to no want happens i have some of the sences but it is not want i want to see.

  5. I’ve read all the books twice now. I have also gone online too read MidnightSun, I thought it is very well done. The movie was also good. It’s not really about the effects as it is about the charcters. I think the casting was done well. I think now that I have read it a second time that I found more depth in the story. I’m not a young Mom. Iam Sue Clearwaters age. I found myself actually looking forward to what was going to be next. I’d love to see SM continue the series, or allow others to write sequals with the others… such as Tanya’s family or even Maria’s. I think there is so much left undone or unsaid. Nessie and Jake could have a story to follow at some point too.

    1. i so agree with you there Just a Mom i reckon there should be a story line bout nessie and jake too, seems in the last book you read alot bout them, would be good to see what the future held for them too… stephanie myers please write or do something on nessie and jake please….

  6. I’m looking forward to New Moon…I’ve read the book 3 times now!! On reading the book…i know the perfect song to match the movie : STAY WITH ME – DANITY KANE. the lyrics match and i hope its included in the movie.

  7. what us wrong with everyone to the people hassling twilight if u dont like it dont watch it and to the people that love it and yes i am a fan we all love edward and we all say we want him but hello news flash we cant all have him and he does not even know we exist

    love twilight and all the stars in it are great actors

    1. i also think the people that dont like twilight should just not watch it and i cant wait till the movie comes out i love it and hope that they dont replace jacob with someone else becuase it will be weird to see someone else play him.

  8. wow, i have read all the books. I thought the movie was great. I loved seeing the characters come to life. I think the interaction between Bella and Edward hit it right on the nose lol.

  9. Ok, I know that everyone is excited about it, but personally I wont go see the next movie. I love the books, but I hated the movie and i spend 10 fucking bucks to buy my ticket. I agree with Rosalon, that in the book there’s so much Bella’s thoughs on all pages that you can’t really put it in a movie perfectly. But seriously, moving parts of the story into an other place wasn’t great, i mean when Edward kiss Bella for the first time it’s not in her room but in the place they go instead of the spring bal. They skip too much important parts too! How really Stephenie Meyer could accept it!

    Sorry, as you see my deception is total. I may see it twice maybe to say that it’s not so bad… For New moon i’m just happy that Edward leave for a part of the movie,cause the actor that plays the role isn’t so good too! Well i can stop now that my frustation is gone for the moment.

  10. WOW,
    i read all the twilight books in less then 2 weeks
    im seriously inlove !
    ahha .
    i;ve seen the moviee atleast a hundred times !
    edward is seriously hoot !
    and bella ( kristen ) is seriously so pretty
    im sorry to say but i have some doutes about the next movie
    i found the second book very boring untill then end when alice comes back , and they save edward evrything got soo good :)
    i realyl dont like jacob ! and so i dont tihnk ill like the movie because mot of it will be about them :(

    anyways , twilight is like amazing !

  11. The books are very fun to get into.
    and the movie, was really great as well.
    I just read New Moon, and im so, so
    excited to see what they come up with!

    and I dont think its rushed, it will be this
    time next year that it comes out on screen
    so it will be something to look foreward to. :]

  12. you fanboys, WTF??? we dark knight fanboys never said “haters if you say one bad word about the dark knight we will egg your house”

    you guys need to get over the fact that some people don’t like twilight, and you cant come on here doing all that stuff cause people with their comments will just smother your comment

  13. DON’T FORGET ALEC IN NEW MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. If anyone says another disrespectful WORD about Twilight I will egg and tp their house. EDWARD,EMMETT,JASPER,ALEC,AND JAMES 4-EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S they all would like me better than you. So what then!!!!!!

  15. What the HELL is wrong with you guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Twilight is so fucking cool !!!!!!!!!!!!! Edward and James are all mine so what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. wtf new moon coming out in 2o1o! no! that sucks.. the book came out heka days ago y they laggin! dumbasses…. freakin produce the dam movie! NOW! [REPLACE BELLA!]

  17. I think the 1st movie kicked butt.and I can’t wait till the sequel .I am not the type of person who can read a book and see it in my after seeing the movie i bought the book and i can now picture it better.I LOVE THE MOVIE!

  18. Right,good business you take a popular book put 7 mils $ into it screw up a movie – gain hundreds of milions.

    Please if you make a new moon at least put more money into it so the special effects will amaze you and not the crap you did wit the 1st book.

  19. they NEED more money for this one…im no expert but im sure that theyll need pretty good CGI to get guys morphing into in..beter CGI then what they used in twilight

    italy!!!!! vulturi vampires!!!!

  20. I think a target date to start filming in March sounds a little rushed when there isn’t a screenplay or a finalized cast. Sure the two main characters are set to come back, but I think it would benefit the movie not to rush it. Kristen is simply speculating, so there is a chance it won’t be a rushed production. A 2010 release date is fine as long as it’s another Fall release. They have a chance to build on a mediocre adaptation I hope they take advantage because New Moon has a lot of promise to be a way better movie than Twilight.

  21. Empire magazine was good enough to print a small synopsis of all the books and am I right in thinking that the next couple of films will all play out like this:

    “Make me into a vampire”
    “Hmmmmmmmm, i’ll think about it”

    1. Now was the swearing really neccesary???
      Twilight is a good movie and a good book.
      But just because you dont like it does not mean you can be disrespectful.

  22. I read all the books. That being said I spend nine-fifty on a ticket to Twilight opening night. The movie was just okay for me.

    I think the problem is that first person narratives are hard to translate into movies. There is so much internal thought going on in the pages, which seems impossible to express on celluloid or pixels if you prefer.

    I do think this movie will make money, but only if they keep the budget nearly the same as Twilight’s.

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