The Movie Blog: Uncut – December 19th 2008

Hey there folks! Ahh we’re getting close to Christmas… my favorite time of the year. Welcome to this installment of The Movie Blog Uncut. Joining me today is the great Soul Video. So do join in with us as we discuss:

1) The 10 worst movies of 2008

2) Gran Tarino

3) Yes Man

4) Eddie Murphy as The Riddler in the next Batman film

5) Bourne 4 going into production soon

6) A Les Grossman Movie?

7) Delgo sets new boxoffice record

8) The 2008 Movie Blog awards


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32 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut – December 19th 2008

  1. Yeah, that was Eva Mendes looking smokin hot in Training Day

    good podcast… i wouldve put Juno as my #1 worst movie… or was that 07?

  2. Regarding the Micheal Cera thing, it’s dead on. I’m starting to feel the same about Seth Rogen. He always plays the slacker stoner character without a direction in life. I’m looking foward to the Green Hornett because it gives him a chance to show some range. Hopefully, he’ll play it serious. I think he has talent and am very curious to see how this turns out.

  3. Cruise used to have range. Watch Born on the Fourth of July and his performance in that film is absolutely extraordinary. He never matched that excellence with any film after that.

  4. I agree with you, John – Michael Cera is starting to get annoying. Cera plays the same character in every movie because I think he can’t do anything else – he has no range. This is the same case with Tom Cruise – Cruise has absolutely no range. Valkyrie is an excellent example of this – Cruise CANNOT EVEN PUT ON A GERMAN ACCENT! HE HAS NO RANGE! When asked about his lack of a German accent, Cruise replied “It’s not about the performaces, it’s about the story.” Bull shit! Cruise has no range. He can play Tom Cruise, but that’s about it. Even Les Grossman was just Tom Cruise in a fat suit acting like Tom Cruise. The lack of range in Hollywood actors is evident – Cera is also part of the no-range gang.

  5. Shoutouts to Phil Gee, Kristina (suck it), Mastermind & Brian. Thanks for the kind words (except for Kristina).

    @ Monty & Derek-T, I am 6’5”! Mr. Bean is a little me!

    Pleasure as always John.

  6. HEY DOUG about Delgo where i live there were tons of commercials for it….yet it didnt play in my theater. and the animation looks ugly as sin. it looks like the cheapest annimation ever. and the commercials made it look bad too. so i dont know why its only my town where they play all the commercials but there was a ton of them. everytime it went to a commecial break it has one for delgo

  7. I’m loving that the podcast is weekly again and actually in the form of an audio download. I was never home to catch the live shows and they wouldn’t all go up for download. I love this website and all that goes into it. Tapley and Soul Video are great co hosts. Keep having these guys on . Just out of curiousity: has Rodney ever been on the podcast before? Not sure if he’s based in LA or Canada, but if he’s ever near you try and talk him into coming on. The Dragonball Evolution post was hilarious and he sounds like a funny guy..

  8. I really have not been hearing any podcast in the movie blog for a while ever since the big changes were done with the whole daily podcasts. These daily podcasts were great and it went well after a while, but got a bit boring and tedious. Now that your doing these weekly podcasts again…I am glad to hear that old feeling and flavor that brought glory from the podcast that it use to have back then. This one has been more satisfying and I hope you continue with this style. Going back to once to three times a week is a much better flow for the web page :)

  9. a les grossman film sounds like the worst idea ever. they already over did it in the film. it was VERY funny at first. Then in his second scene it was slightly less funny and by the end credit dance the joke was one hundred percent OVER.

    and I am not a cruise hater. in fact I have stood by him through all the shit. I don’t know why everyone hates him so much.

    I mean seriosuly. how is scientology any more far fetched than talking snakes and creationism?

    oh thats right is not its just newer and every bit as fucking insane as pretty much all religions.

  10. Will Smith is the best thing about Seven Pounds. Although Rosario Dawson is pretty good too. While I also agree that the movie is manipulative and not particularly good, I think it comes across that way because of how it was put together. They basically set you up for this big reveal that has nothing big about it because you see it coming about 20 mins before it happens. Some people may catch it sooner than that if they’re paying attention. And Vito, the guy is not overrated. John has said this before but I think is worth mentioning here: Will Smith is the last huge bankable movie star left in Hollywood. I for one, would be surprise if the movie doesn’t take the #1 spot at the Box Office.

  11. Hey Evan,

    Doug and I also used to live in the same building… now we live in different countries so doing the podcast together would functionally be impossible. The skype thing has also never worked for us.

    Doug did do it for fun…. but he did it for years for free and I think for anyone to ask him to do more for free is unfair.

    But again… we now live in different countries, so it’s just not possible.

  12. lol, i cannot get over the Eddie Murphy Riddler joke! and the picutre the other day? HAHAHAHAHAHAAH, that made me laugh so hard, knew it had to be fake because the chance of Nolan signing Eddie Murphy for the Riddler is about the chance of the moon to turn blue, but man that was hilarous stuff! As for the ten worst movies, x files would be the worst movie followed by The Love Guru on my list, ahh that crap was not even funny it was so bad. How does a admired comedic actor go from Austin Powers, to crap like the Love guru?!?!?!?!?!?. And wow, i am so suprised about the Positive word of mouth for “Yes Man”. sure, critics hate it, no suprise there but all the fans ive talked to have loved it. Guess Jim Carrey is back, good for him. No saracasm there.
    @ Kristina
    yeah, ive heard alot of negative news for “Seven Pounds”.

  13. John,

    So I know you said that Doug will no longer be part of The Movie Blog because you guys were not being paid. But what I don’t understand is why he cannot participate in the podcasts? Remember when you guys did the podcasts for fun?

    I get that people should get paid for their hard work, I totally support that. But I always considered the website to be the bread winner and the podcast was just something you guys did for fun. I just figured that since you never sold ads on the podcasts that you were not looking for profit off of the podcast.

    Anyways, happy holidays Movie Blog!

  14. John, I’m very interested to see what you think of Seven Pounds. I saw it and hated it along with most critics. Such a manipulative piece of shit.

    Never even heard of Delgo.

    A Les Grossman movie would not work. He’s a gimmick that’s fun for a few scenes, but not for a full movie.

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