The Movie Blog: Uncut – December 12th 2008

Hey there folks! We’ve got an awful lot of awards talk as a few important related news items have come up the last couple of days. I am once again joined by Senior Editor of InContention.Com and contributing columnist to Variety Magazine Kristopher Tapley. So do join in with us as we discuss:

1) Hugh Jackman named as host of the Oscars this year

2) The Day The Earth Stood Still

3) Some very negative buzz about The Spirit

4) We analyze and discuss the Golden Globe nominations


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14 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut – December 12th 2008

  1. Yeah great show guys. It’s good to see you guys still going after all this stuff that’s been going on. And yeah, like Brian said, is there any way to download the older uncuts?

  2. If you watch the movie, right after he bends the gun, there is a close-up shot of the device on Batman’s hand. It is the same device he uses to rip open the side of the van.

  3. In the special features (not that this isn’t obvious) they say that it adds to the overall perception of Batman as a guy with special powers, which of course, makes him all the more menacing in the eyes of criminals.

    Harry: Can you find a link to that story? So I can print it out and staple it to John’s forehead?

  4. I was kinda like WTF too when I saw that it looked like Batman bent the gun barrel. Then I found out he was using a device and I felt better but still thought is was kinda stupid. Batman could have easily too the gun away why does he need a device that can do that? Also the device couldnt cut the van and broke so in all him using it was a waste of film.

  5. John, no offense to you, but when you talk about the implausibility of Batman bending the shotgun, it gets on my nerves! Batman does NOT bend the barrel of the shotgun with his bare hand! He uses the pneumatic mangling device. The device is a high pressurized cutting device. He uses this same device to cut through the van. It does NOT bend the shotgun, it CUTS it, giving the illusion that the BATMAN is strong enough to bend it. There is an artilce on this device in one of the previous Entertainment Weekly magazines.

  6. Great show. I hope you keep Kristopher around. I miss Doug, Darren, and Bruxy, but life goes on and I’m glad to have the show back again. You have a good co-host in Tapley though.I like how you have the theme song playing during the opening of the show again. On the video versions, it just cut off after a few seconds. What is the name of that song?

  7. Excellent show guys. I know this will put me in the shit books with some people, but I think I prefer Kristopher over Doug. Doug was funny, but shit cock fuck pussy can only make me laugh so much. Tapley seems a lot more knowledgeable and has a lot more to say I think.

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