The Movie Blog: Uncut Audio Edition – December 2nd 2008

On today’s installment of Uncut I’m joined by InContention.Com Senior Editor and contributing writer for Variety Magazine Mr. Kristopher Tapley. Together we discuss:

1) Punisher: War Zone

2) TV Stars failing at movies

3) We look at the early Oscar favorites and if The Dark Knight could slip in for a nomination.


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22 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut Audio Edition – December 2nd 2008

  1. john
    so will doug be commign back to whatever country youre in right now? or is this thing permanent (i just cant even begin to explain how awsome the show was with you 2)

  2. wow i am so glad that these are back i hope you can make them semi regularly like 2-3 times a week at least. With regular shows my scedual can get bakc in sync

  3. Oooh! I didn’t realize that was the reason that you two weren’t able to podcast together. I was beginning to wonder if something was wrong, and it was saddening me.

    I do miss the John and Doug combo, but Kristopher was a great co-host. Thanks John for going ahead and putting the show out.

  4. Very awesome. Love seeing the podcast back! It’s cool if its just audio. It’s not like a lot happens on the video version that we don’t get in the audio version. And Kris Tapley’s a great co-host.

  5. thnx for uploading the podcast again. Because of the time difference and my need for sleep I’m never able to watch the actual broadcast. I always value your opinion (and Kris’s as well) so I’m happy with it’s return. Hope you keep ’em coming!

  6. yeah i am wondering what made Jane leave this movie.
    This seems like it would play well to the masses though, people want to see violence, action, and all that stuff. I think that the last one didn’t have enough violence, and tried for seriousness and got unintentionally funny. This one is what people want to see, but the commercials seems to be hiding all the violence. I do hope it becomes a hit though, because I want more Punisher films. This more violence, the better direction sounds like the right approach.

  7. Great show! Kris should be on more often. (Heh, I was the guy that originally said you were boring, sorry) I was disappointed that he didn’t talk about the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, though.

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