Robert Carlyle Leads Stargate Universe

Carlyle-Stargate.jpgStargate had quietly gone about its business becoming one of the most successful sci-fi franchises in history. It was a solid movie and then went on to Television where Stargate SG-1 ran for 10 years which then spun off to Stargate Atlantis and now a 3rd television incarnation is getting ready to launch. Stargate Universe.

Apparently they’ve already locked up the leader of the new Stargate team. Robert Carlyle.

I’ve been a fan of Robert Carlyle’s ever since I first saw The Full Monty over 10 years ago. I thought he was a solid Bond Villain in The World Is Not Enough, great in Trainspotting and was even better in Eragon (ok, I’m kidding about the Eragon part). Now he’s moving to a full time TV gig. The folks over at ComingSoon give us the following:

Described as edgier, darker and younger-skewing than its predecessors, “SGU” follows a group of soldiers, scientists and civilians left to fend for themselves when forced through a Stargate after their hidden base comes under attack. The survivors, who emerge aboard an ancient ship missing in the far reaches of space, are led by Dr. David Rush (Carlyle), who works to unlock the ship’s mysteries and return the group home but also might have ulterior motives.

Being a major Sci-Fi junkie and moderate Stargate fan… on top of the fact that I like Carlyle so much… you can count me in to at least check out the first few episodes of this one. I wonder if we’ll ever get another full blown theatrical Stargate movie?

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16 thoughts on “Robert Carlyle Leads Stargate Universe

  1. I have been a strong follower of both Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis for a while and I can’t wait until Stargate Universe comes out.
    And there is apparently a Stargate game coming out called: Stargate Worlds.
    I was just wondering if anybody knows when they are coming out.

  2. I like the pick. I never got into SG1 while it was on TV, but I decided to give it a go and watched a few reruns. I started to like it, and got the 10 season collection. The first season or so was somewhat awkward, but the series picked up steam, and by season four was really quite good. I really liked how they tied in archeology, mythology into the series. Very cool. I’m half-way through season 8 and the wife and I absolutely love it. BSG was better, but SG1 was a lot of fun. SGA was also very good. Sad to see it go. Was not high on the early SGU rumors, but it sounds like it might turn out to be pretty solid. Landing a solid lead actor bodes well for the series.

  3. I think SG1 is the greatest stargate show without doubt! it was the start, the exitement and it`s not without reason it ran for 10 seasons! Butt I`ll give universe a shot ;)

  4. Great news to me, loved SG-1, took me a little while to get into Atlantis, I just wanted more SG-1! but now I’m hooked on Atlantis in glorious HD.

    It’s a simple and effective show, with some brilliant episodes, although there is no denying they do have some poor filler episodes, although once you get to know the charactors and enojy them on screen, even these are fun.

    I was hoping the SG universe wouldnt end, I’m glad to hear it will continue on :)

  5. I love the SG-1 and SGA series. A lot of people is not sure about how SGU will turn out but I do agree with the producers that SG-1 and SGA format is over used quite a lot. It should be fun to see how they will reinvent the franchise into a different format, even though its done before. As an SG-1 Fan, I have to say that I enjoyed the returns of the casts in SGA, I actually look forward to them!

    As for SGU, don’t worry, the word out there is that none of the SG-1 and SGA casts will be coming back.

    MGM is planning to have direct to dvd movies for both SG-1 and SGA in the future. The SGA direct to DvD movie is already in the plans.

    If you want more information visit they have quite a lot of info on SGU.

  6. I watched the movie, but have never seen the TV show. I know it has a solid cult following, that’s why it’s been on for so long. Does it deserve to be? As a fan of Battlestar, which is one of the best shows on TV, will I be impressed?


  7. I loved the Stargate movie but hated the TV show. It took me awhile to even give Atlantis a chance but once I did I became devoted to it. I was frustrated whenever a SG1 character came to Atlantis because the producers seemed to miss the point that many of us didn’t care for them and certainly didn’t like the fact they they acted as if they were somehow special. Then they turned it into the Dr Keller show and it is almost unwatchable now. I record it now so I only have to watch the good bits…usually the beginning and end as my favorite characters are sent somewhere else where filming is not taking place.

    I doubt I will ever see an episode of SG Universe. As much as I love Robert Carlyle, the producers and writers of this series and I no longer agree on what is entertaining.

  8. I am quite happy to hear this. I am just watching the last season of SG1 on DVD and have been quite enjoying it. Next I have to catch up on Atlantis. That should keep me busy enough until the new show!

  9. I never saw an episode of Star Gate on TV and I now realize how people are afraid to give Star Trek a chance the same way I am afraid to give this show a chance.

  10. Never watched any of these things but I’ve been following Robert Carlyle since the Trainspotting days. He was the only reason why I enjoyed that awful 007 movie with Denise Richards. I’ll check this out.

  11. I really liked the movie, but I couldn’t really get into the series, even though I really tried. This will be something I will try out, but, pardon my cynicism and ignorance, but it sounds like Voyager to me. We’ll see, it could be done well, but not the most original of ideas.

  12. I tried so hard to get into SG-1 but I never could. For a brief time I skipped Atlantis, and then got hooked on it, found it a lot, lot better, and wound up being a fan of the show as well as several of the actors connected to that show.

    But then they started seeing how good the show was, and started replacing characters with those from SG-1 …a series I didn’t care for And as much as I like Rob Carlyle (even in 28 Weeks later) I got this…bad karma like cloud over my shoulder…

    If it winds up being good they’ll bring back the actors from SG-1 and/or Atlantis, especially the former …as it is it sounds like ST: Voyager just a tad bit.

    Yes, a StarGate II flick gets talked about now and then, but I really don’t see the point. A Stargate:Atlantis movie? That’s another ballgame..

  13. Sounds a lot like Sg-Atlantis to me, You know strange ship, unlock the mysterious, discover some new alien breed intent on destroying Humans. Yup I’ll give it a go. I like Sg-1 but it is no BSG, Trek. But it does fill in the sci-fi fix I need so desperatly.

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