Ray Stevenson Joins The Book of Eli

Ray-StevensonWe have news today that Mr. Ray Stevenson has been tapped to chase Denzel in The Book Of Eli. We get the following news thanks to our friends at the movieweb:

Ray Stevenson (Punisher: War Zone) has boarded The Book of Eli, joining Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman and Mila Kunis in the Alcon-financed drama that Warner Bros. will distribute.

Stevenson will play an enforcer dispatched to kill Eli (Washington) as he fights his way across the American wasteland, protecting a sacred book that may hold the key to saving humanity.

I was full blown pumped for this project until I found out that Denzel will have a female sidekick. That news let half of the air out of my tires. I don’t mind if the girl is another protector of the book, I’m just worried that she’ll be a romantic interest. Post Apocalyptic wastelands are no place for love. None.

I will take post apocalyptic films any way I can get them however, and with luck this one will be a winner. I hope Ray Stevenson has a set of post apocalyptic armor made out of old tires, football gear and scrap metal. Armor made from scrap is the stuff that makes my member move.

The Book of Eli is scheduled for a February start and we will be sure to keep you up to speed.

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3 thoughts on “Ray Stevenson Joins The Book of Eli

  1. only he can look badass in a pink shirt

    i mean this guy was supposed to be abomination in the hulk movie….


  2. An “enforcer”… so he enforces the law? Should there be a law in a post apocolyptic society? I am starting to worry about this movie. I wanted this movie to rule! The cast is nothing short of amazing and the addition of Ray Stevenson doesn’t bring the cast down at all… ROME is one of the Best T.V. shows I’ve had the pleasure to watch.

    Now, if “ENFORCER” is more like a “Mafia-style ENFORCER” or an “ENFORCER” of an evil Corrupt Dictator who is trying to place order to his vision of what society should be… like a Hitler or a Gengis-Khan… then I am getting more excited about it. If that is the case I want Ray Stevenson riding on the back of an Rhinocerus garbed in the Fleshy Leather of the Religious right that he has been killing off to “ENFORCE” the fact that there is no GOD.

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