Piping Hot Wolverine Pics

We have a few more Wolverine pics to throw your way today thanks to our friends over at the movieweb:



I like the shot where Wolverine and Sabretooth are tied to posts awaiting execution. I certainly don’t like that Sabretooth has short hair. So far as I can remember he always had long hair and looked like he listened to Sepultura. I don’t know if he got a haircut in the comics – but I’m not pleased about his lid.

The word on the street regarding this film has been getting better as of late. A while back it was nothing but bad, now some positive buzz seems to be bubbling forth. Of course we will all find out May 1st 2009.

International friends – what do you think of these pics and Sabretooth’s haircut?

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34 thoughts on “Piping Hot Wolverine Pics

  1. I’m just getting sick of actors on the ‘roids and HGH. It started with Stallone in Rocky III, Brad Pitt in Troy, The entire cast of 300 and now HJ in Wolverine…I mean how can I keep the ladies satisfied, when I have to work out AND roid out?

  2. “this occurs around WW2 my friend”

    Wrong. Vietnam.

    “due to various reason; particularly having long list of character appearance”

    Most are just cameo appearances there to remind us that this does take place in a world were there are many mutants, not just a couple.

    “but come on there isn’t any ferociousness…”

    Have you not seen many of the pictures? If you have, you would not be saying that.

    “I’ve heard are that certain characters (namely Beak and Gambit) don’t belong in Weapon X”

    And they won’t be in the movie either. There are mutants walking the Earth that are NOT in Weapon X, people seem to keep forgetting.

    “I wonder if they’ll get away from the evil nazis?”

    What on Earth are you talking about? There are no Nazis in this. The Nazis are in Magneto’s backstory, not Wolverines.

  3. I’m gonna sound like such a female right now, but I always did like the fact that, as badass as Wolvie is, he’s constantly placed in the role of protector throughout the comics and the films. That second pic looks like the tradition is going to continue.

  4. I feel the need to clarify myself. The official Marvel guide list Sabertooth’s height as 6′ 6″ and Wolverine’s as 5′ 3″. The difference in their size has often been played off of over the years. with Sabertooth being portrayed as a bigger (maybe stronger) version of what Logan could have become had he not learn to control his inner demons. Hell! Sabertooth’s nickname for Logan is “Runt”. Jackman and Schreiber are both in the 6′ 2″ to 6′ 3″ range. I’m in no way suggesting that their height will ruin the movie, but it will remove an important aspect of the relationship that’s been shown in comics for over 20 years.

  5. You know what, this is going to be an excellent movie. Ever since they announced Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, it was always going to be an excellent movie.

    Deadpool is singlehandedly one of the coolest and most underrated characters in comics and Reynolds is the absolute perfect guy to play him

    The only complaints I’ve heard are that certain characters (namely Beak and Gambit) don’t belong in Weapon X (which can be changed easily for the sake of the movie), that Liev isn’t tall or hairy enough (similar to how Hugh Jackman was “too short to play Wolverine”), and that there are “too many characters” (there are only eleven major characters by my count, BTW).

  6. Ok, first thing first… There were some few comments about the film been bad (due to various reason; particularly having long list of character appearance). Well we cannot say anything about the movie (at least how it is overall) until we see the final trailer and other promotional materials. Cant judge on pictures only… Now as far as Liev Schreiber is concerned, he is a good actor and has proved himself in many occasions. By casting him (with huge jackman) the producer wanted to send a message that the movie wont be just action pack but involve various aspect of emotion and drama.

    But now we have two problems…

    1. His height (like P MAN said above)… Liev has a good height… but not enough for fans to go wild about. Sabertooth looks down on to Wolverine as if he some sort of insect he has to clean out…. Something like Tyler Mane in x-men 1.

    2. The facial make up… Looks as if he is a teddy bear. I know this film is made in a era where thing were different, but come on there isn’t any ferociousness…

    But again we cannot run to conclusion based on some small issue. This issue is not like Tim Blake Nelson playing Samuel Sterns (which i strongly objected, and he proved me by his horrible and idiotic acting in Hulk)

    Like “Jon H” said, if punisher could pull it off, maybe this can… Just get ur expectation rock bottom low, and watch the movie on its premiere show…

  7. @ Weav
    The official title is “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”

    They aren’t in Weapon X training yet. This is from when they were workng together for the U.S. army.

    This occurs around WW2 my friend. But HJ did say that if this is done right, we should have no problem imagining Wolverine walking into that bar in the first one.

    @ Everyone
    From what I recall, in the older comics Sabretooth did have short hair(not quite as short as that, though). And yes, he’s in the U.S. army, so no long hair. I imagine this will tell the tale of how they began hating each other. And I do think Sabretooth should have a few inches on Logan, but not much. Height doesn’t bother me. I just saw Australia, and if Hugh has kept on his game, this will be the great movie I have been hoping for. And is anyone going to ask who the chick is behind him?

  8. Alright… you’re all bickering about the height, and the hair…. did anyone see the wet vein fuck coming out of HJ’s arms in the second picture… that looks ridiculously cool… arms of what wolverine’s would look like… it’s damn cool.

  9. Couldn’t be any worse than The Last Stand, could it? At least this time they didn’t bother tagging X-Men onto the title, and instead just admited that it was Wolverine: The Movie.

  10. his hair isnt the biggest fuck up…hes just as tall as wolverine is

    and this is supposed to happen right before x-men (2000) right? so why does this guy look so different?

    there is one plus side…he looks smarter and not like a dumb brute which is what sabertooth really is…unlike the dumbass they made him look liek in the first movie

  11. bjon86,

    You need to learn the difference between a complaint and an observation. Stating that his height looks wrong to me is not complaining, especially when I noted that Jackman did just fine as Wolverine in spite of his height. At no time did I say that Schreiber’s height would negatively affect the movie or my desire to see the movie. So maybe you should work a little on you reading comprehension before being so rude as to tell someone to shut the fuck up.

  12. Sabertooth has always had long hair that was blonde by my counts… but since this looks like they are part of a military maybe he had to cut his hair? I don’t know but regardless of all the negative comments coming out I’m still excited to see this movie simply because of Gambit

  13. Hmmm I now a bit intrested in this movie which isnt saying much. I just like Logan to be really brutal and beast like when he fighting. Also when he not fighting I like him to be a real loner jerk type (if ya know what I mean) like he was in cartoons and comics. But I guess thats asking too much but, its starting now the film is growing on me.

  14. p.s. you guys worry too much about stupid shit like height. get over the fucking height bullshit. it doesn’t fuckin matter! fuck! if you see the movie and that honestly affects the movie in a negative way, then by all means complain complain complain, but I will probably still be tellin you to shut the fuck up. it’s just such a STUPID complaint.

  15. he’s in some sort of army obviously so last time i checked you can’t and never have been able to have long hair in the army. and if he’s friends with sabortooth, that must mean that sabortooth isn’t as much of an animal yet. something obviously must change in him that makes him go balistic.

    and i think the pics are cool. don’t show much but i have faith in the film. I’ve heard from people inside that it’s really good so yea.

  16. I don’t like the look of Sabertooth at all. In the comics he has always been portrayed as much larger in stature then Wolvy. It just doesn’t look right having a guy the same height as Jackman playing the role. I know that Jackman is pretty tall at 6′ 2″. So getting a talented actor with the height for the role may have been hard to do. Schreiber is a fine actor, no doubt. He’s just too short compared to Jackman. Then again, people said Jackman was too tall for the role when X-Men was first announced and he turned out being the best thing about the movie.

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