Jacob Being Replaced For Twilight 2?

Taylor-Jacob-Twilight.jpgAnyone reading The Movie Blog for any length of time knows that I have no problem at all with replacing an actor in a movie for a sequel. All other things being equal, keep the original actor… but switch them up if the need arises. James Bond in the Bond films, Dumbledore in Harry Potter, Rachel Dawes in the Batman films all prove you can do it and have it not effect the film too much.

However… I’m never big on the idea of just changing an actor just for the sake of changing them for no rhyme or reason, or for no other reason that just to put a “bigger name” in the role.

Personally, I liked the job Taylor Lautner did playing Jacob (the young native american werewolf in Twilight). He felt the most “real” to me and the film needed that. Well… according to our good friends over at IESB, seems like Taylor is on his way out, and the studio wants to bring in a bigger name:

Twilight fans noticed that although Stewart and Pattinson’s names were cited in the summary (of Twilight 2), Twilight’s Jacob Black played by Taylor Lautner was not. Today, an official release date for NEW MOON was revealed – November 20, 2009 and also a few names have been thrown into the ring to join (and replace) the cast.

According to MTV Movies Blog, Scorpion King 2’s Michael Copon is pushing hard to fill the Jacob Black shoes now that Summit doesn’t want to re-hire the “baby-faced” Lautner. Copon has gone as far as putting notes on his Facebook page, “Michael Copon in a Twilight Zone!” and “Michael Copon is the older Jacob Black!” And Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspain’s Ben Barnes is said to be seriously campaigning for the role in the film as well.

All things being equal, I do not like this at all. If we hear later that Taylor was hard to work with, or that he suddenly asked for 5x the money or anything like that… then fine, change the actor. No problem. But if this is just about “Oh, look how much money we made with the first Twilight, we can afford bigger names now”, then the studio execs are complete idiots. I like Copon and I like Barnes too… but don’t switch out the actors just for the sake of doing so.

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61 thoughts on “Jacob Being Replaced For Twilight 2?

    1. This article was written a year and a half ago before New Moon was filmed.

      They were going to replace Taylor because he was too small and the story required him to increase his size dramatically, which fortunately for the actor… he did.

  1. what the heck jacob is way hotter then the new freaking dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yeah thats rught i went there!

  2. Taylor Laughtner should stay because he deserves to, Im in the business myself and do auditions alot, and I know what makeup can do, and they can perfect it, once they hand it over to the editor. I would get really P Ohed if they didnt just because physiacally he cant do it, cause I know there is stuff they can do. And apperently moneys no option so, yeah. You heard my say, doesnt matetr much probably but Jacob seems to fit that part well, and the others just dont, his name will be bigger if they keep him in, and people will see it no matter who it is. Bigger name how about more fans. Sometimes these people have no patience and no understanding. The bigger the name the more the money thats all that matters. Maybe if it was still the same director then that would be different. And another point, that by getting rid of Taylor then there is other people that quoted “Taylor goes then I go.” So unless there willing to give up Taylor and various of other acters then thats that. So Im casting a vote. Who think Taylor should be Jacob through the whole New Moon movie, its not like the charcter changes in the book, so dont change it in the movie.

  3. I dont think that taylor’s role in jacob should be replaced…THERE IS A SUCH THING AS TECHNOLOGY so use it to make taylor look bigger. Taylor shouldnt of been chosen to play in the first movie if they were just going to replace him…it’s not fair to taylor ecspecially since the whole werewolve role fits him perfectly. I don’t think this movie is going to be as good as the first one, not because of the plot line, but because they want to replace TAYLOR? I think it’s ok to add on NEW people but dont throw away the old characters. What about sam, the pack leader, he was in the first movie, are you going to replace him, probably not, so DON”T replace Taylor, and if you do i truly honestly think that you would be making a mistake. It’s not fair to lead viewers on by using Taylor in the first movie just to change everything in the second. Like i said there is a such thing as technology so use it and KEEP TAYLOR PLAYING THE ROLE OF JACOB BLACK.

  4. Wow. what is wrong with you people? A bigger name? Jacob is perfect. He looks native american. Ben Barnes, I like him all right but he’s too clean cut and American boy looking. idiots…

  5. My experience reading the Twilight series was great. The way Stephanie described Jacob Black was exactly Taylor Launter. And most people that have saw Twilight and are currently reading the series have Taylor Launter’s face, body, ect. as Jacob Black. If they do replace Taylor people will have to think of Jacob in the books a different face, body, ect. and i don’t want that to screw up my series or others.

    Plus, the market has already made tons of “King Taylor” panties, and t-shirts, buttons, ect.


  6. The reason they want to replace Taylor is is looks young they think he cant pull off the scenes for New Moon.

    Someone said the producers are considering an ASIAN guy Michael Copon to play Jacob. NO WAY! If Taylor Lautner does get replaced stick with a Native American Guy as per the Book.

    I saw Twilight for free on YOUTUBE as well over 20+ people have the whole move up, and it was like the actors were just reading a script and was for the most part dull & some what boring. No spark to the caricatures. I hope the new screen play writer and the new director can put more life {pun intended} into the series.

  7. Well many ppl have said it and im ganna say it again… but taylor did do an amazing job forthe part for jacob. but he just wont fit for the change in the 2nd half of the movie.. they should let him stay till the change then find someone else that is older stronger taller and come on! if they arnt native american i am ganna be so mad! how could they even consider casting copon! if he is the best they can find for the older jacob then they r better off just leaving it the way it is! i understand wanting to change him but plz! be smart about it… if they screw up jacob no one is ganna want to see it! then they will really lose money!

  8. taylor is great,
    swirching actores will just bring down sales,
    he fits the role perfectly,
    read the books,
    how it describes him,
    hes perfect for the part,

  9. WTF?!?! i swear like i will cry if they replace taylor for that weird michael person like he looks nothing like jacob and like have u seen him? hes too old 2 be play a 16 year old! and like think about the wonders that makeup does. and 4 the hight thing.. whatever! they can use some kind of like digital thingy if they need 2 like im pissed now.

  10. I just thought there must be something to the fact that, although several of the characters are NOT yet listed on the New Moon site (there are only something like 6), Jacob is one who IS. There are plenty of other characters that should be obvious, recurring characters that could be guessed at, who are not listed. So if someone was just guessing at the characters based on that, more should be listed. Since there are only a few listed, it seemed like those few must be confirmed.

    But thanks for letting me know that John. You do make a good point too.

  11. Hey Stephanie,

    IMDB is not authoritative at all. It’s not run by the studios or updated by the people who make the decisions.

    IMDB is usually 100% accurate for films that have already come out… but it’s very hit and miss for films that haven’t yet started production.

  12. Is anyone reading the other comments on here? IMDB LISTS JACOB AS TAYLOR – – THEY ARE NOT CHANGING HIM!! I’ve written this already people, come on, READ!!!

  13. There is no reason to change Jacob’s character. It totally takes all originality out of the film. People who start off being certain character’s should stay that way. I have when sequil’s switch up character’s. It’s not the same and it throw’s everyone off. Change isn’t good. Keep it the same!


  15. OMG! Taylor was an awesome jacob i looked up this other guy, and yeah he’s hot and could been a good Jacob but taylor was the original, if they take him out, idk if i’ll og c NEw Moon. I love twilight adn read all 4 within a month, but i just think that if they didnt liek jacob they shouldnt have picked him to begin with. I like Taylor as Jacob and im hopeing it will stay this way.

    i agree with Zahra, WHAT R THEY THINKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. If we are simply talking about having a good physical fit, let’s say that there were others in the movie who were not at all what I pictured in my mind while I read the novel, Mike most notably and even Edward and Bella themselves. Even though Lautner has a sweet baby face hello his character is supposed to be 15. And I still found him very attractive and very like the hunky-best buddy character I’d imagined! He is now in my mind as Jacob and it would be extremely jarring to see another face and personality in his place.

  17. taylor did a good job in twilight they shouldn’t take taylor out of new moon that would mess the whole thing up! plus he does look like jacob how the book describes him there is no reason to take him out! and he’s hot!!!!!

  18. I hope that this replacement is not due to any other reason than trying to stay true to the book. Jacob is supposed to be older, bigger, taller, and stronger. So, I completely agree if the changes are for these reasons alone.

    And what about Edward? Rob Pattinson isn’t exactly “God-like, statuesque, chiseled, with a voice of an angel”, is he? Rosalie wasn’t the most beautiful woman in the world. Alice isn’t tiny. All the actors were flawed in some sense when compared to the book.

    But if these changes are because the studio has gotten cocky and has decided to throw their money around to employ a mediocre actor (don’t get me wrong, I love Michael Copon), then poop on them! They deserve to get a pair of shoes thrown at them.

    I just hope that New Moon is consistent with portraying the true emotion and soul of the book.

  19. it is really sad i really love taylor i just wish they will give him the chance to demonstrate that he is jacob black i have bought every freakin poster and things of jacob black because taylor is gorgeous and he is trying his best to stay fit for his role this sucks!!! please dont change taylor im begging!!

  20. MELI
    oh wow
    thank you i totally didnt see that (i did, but misread lol)

    my mistake darren! totally misread…
    you must have thought i was mentally challenged as you read my last comment (im…not)

    and i think that ben b. would definitively be perfect as a vulturi…the vulturi have always been my favorite part of twilight

    …..whats the guys name that played prince nuada? damn
    i want him to play a vulturi character…because 1 he was already a vamp in blade and 2 he looked awsome in hellboy

  21. Ummm, Hazmat…Darren wasn’t saying that Copon was a bigger name… he was agreeing that he isn’t and that he’s a bad actor.

    The word on Ben Barnes is they’re looking at him for the part of Aro, not Jacob. I’d like to see him get that role if he wants it.

    I haven’t seen anything Copon has done, but if he is not acting suitable for the role then I hope they keep looking because Jacob does have a bigger part in New Moon. It would be nice if they go with another lesser or unknown name, they don’t need a name for the role.

    I know it seems weird that Launter may be replaced, but as the role is written it makes sense that he play Jacob pre-transformation. This recast is not a slight on the actor.

  22. darren

    michael copos was the blue power ranger and was in the scorpion king.
    big woop.
    thats a stupid kids show and a DVD movie that sucked

    taylor lautent was in sharkboy and lava girl, cheaper by the dozen, AND in twilight
    2 almost legit (but legit) movies and one HUGE hit

    twilight alone makes taylor a lot more famous then the copos guy.

  23. if it is an issue of taylor asking for more money then that reasonable. jacob is more of a star then edward in new moon. hell the book is mainly about jacob except the end of it!and i liked taylor….he is just small….they should just make him bulk up some

  24. “michael copon is NOT a bigger name then taylor lautent”
    If you seen Scorpion King 2, like I sadly did, not only is he not a bigger name, he also is a worse actor,too.

    I agree somewhat with the Native American idea. It isn’t a 100% requirement (an actor is an actor) but I’d be fine with it. Not enough parts for Native American actors as it is. However, the downside to this is, well, just like I said. Because of the lack of roles, there isn’t any “names” at least in that age range. I hope I’m wrong.

  25. Damn, this entire series is turning into a huge disaster. It’s a damn shame too, this could have been a great series.

    Maybe we can do a reboot? Someone call Christopher Nolan.

    1. you just stfu.
      Edward Cullen-sexy and should stay.
      Jacob Black-sexy and should stay.
      YOU are the disaster.
      Its a damn shame you have nothing better to do but to talk shit about famous guys because you cant be them.asshole.

  26. @ Native

    BTW, could not agree with you more on the other part. If they are going to make the movie, then try to do it right and get a Native to play the part. Anything else and it is kind of an insult.

  27. @ Native

    “As though it weren’t bad enough that natives in the story are werewolves”

    What the fuck does that mean? As opposed to say a movie like Underworld where other races play the werewolves? In the books they are thought of as werewolves until the fourth book, but then it becomes distinguished that they are actually shape shifters rather than werewolves. In a normal setting this would not matter, but in the books own mythos werewolves are wild and out of control. There is some Native American mythology in regard to shape shifters. So it is a bad thing to take that mythology and use it to create part of the fictional story? Oh wait, no, your right. It is a horrible idea to have Native Americans of Washington state play these beings that protect their land in a form that allows them to defend themselves from such beings as vampires. Horrible and dishonoring to all Native Americans. *sarcasm* Personally I think it is pretty awesome. If these fictional characters were real, I sure as hell would not mind being one. Please, do not try to see stereotyping where there really is none to be.

  28. It goes beyond make-up. To meet the description of Jacob penned by Twilight’s own author, Taylor would need to grow a good 6-10 inches in the next couple of weeks. He can’t, and camera trickery can only get him so close to the end result. Combined with the extensive CGI that would be required, the aggressive filming schedule, and the other physical dissimilarities between the character Jacob and the actor Taylor, I think Taylor should be replaced, and by someone of Native American descent, IMO. I’m not trying to start another ‘Goku has to be Asian’ thread, but I’d like to see the movie reflect the author’s vision and intentions.

  29. ben barnes is white and he cant play jacob

    michael copon is NOT a bigger name then taylor lautent

    and the movies not going to be twilight 2 its going to be new moon (i know you know this, im just saying)

  30. With all the wonders that makeup can do, it is not impossible to make him look older if need be. And just like Toby McGuire was able to buffen up for Spiderman, it’s never impossible to be physically changed….

    it will be hard to see the role change, seeing as how well he did in the first; and to get such good reviews, http://www.everyhype.com/?utm_source=bc, it seems unfair.

  31. This is not solely a matter of choosing a “big name”, it is a reflection of the character’s physical changes in New Moon. They should use Lautner for the beginning of the movie and transition to an older, bigger actor who strongly resembles Lautner for the rest of the movie. The whole idea should be to find a second actor who could conceivably be an older, larger version of Lautner.

  32. For the love of God why don’t they cast a Native to play a freakin native role instead of a guy who after starring in the movie discovers he has a tiny amount of native blood (Lautner) or a Filipino guy (Copon). Frick frick frick. As though it weren’t bad enough that natives in the story are werewolves now they gotta be played by non-natives in red-face?? HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!

  33. maybe we will get lucky and this movie will suck on a scale compared to BATMAN AND ROBIN, then they will cancel any other future TWILIGHT films.

    1. wtf?!?!?u need to keep your comment to yourself.Jacob is smart,sexy and would be the best guy to play Jacob again in Twilight since every girl does LOVE him and Edward Cullen.Thank you.
      Get your facts right.

  34. i do like taylor like jacob for new moon he can stay until jacob star been a werwolf!!!! and i do not like this guy… michael copon who is that guy?! he is too old for that and why don’t use effects in taylor!!! he’s perfect like jacob and is not a good idea to changes one of the cast because now you know them as the caracter they do you look rob pattinson an you say he’s Edawrd Cullen OMG!!! so i really hope they don’t change Taylor he’s the perfect jacob we’ve imagen!!!

    1. I love Taylor lautner. If they think they are going to find someone better then I will tell them flat to their face that they are wrong.He is the best there is going to get.if they do it I will cry and never stop until they switch back.it would be like giving you a candy bar and then taking it away after two liks. HOw fair would that be. Just because he has a cute “baby face”

  35. There is a valid reason for this change. Taylor worked very well as Jacob for Twilight and he would work well for the beginning of New Moon; however for reasons I won’t say because they are a spoiler he would not fit for Jacob in the second half or for Eclipse. Taylor is simply too young and can do nothing about his sweet baby face. I was hoping Summit would seriously consider recasting the role because Jacob needs to be someone older for the latter part of the story.

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