What Doesn’t Kill You Trailer

We have the trailer for What Doesn’t Kill You today thanks to our friends over at slashfilm. Peep this shit –

Holy fuck, does Ethan Hawk looks like a dirtbag! (This of course, is awesome.) I didn’t expect a film about hooligans involving Mark Ruffalo And Ethan Hawk to look so appealing – but this trailer has sunk chains into me like they were sent by Cenobites.

What did you guys think of it?

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15 thoughts on “What Doesn’t Kill You Trailer

  1. I’m interested, but the soundeffects in one part and the font were a total rip-off from Prison Break. Then again, I don’t know if Those were rip-offs too…

  2. Yeah dude, what’s with the goth home made video in the two posts??

    is this your mistake or youtube has been hacked? that would be cool! imagine all embeded videos apeared to be this one haha.

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