13 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut – October 27th 2008

  1. So, I subscribed via your iTunes link. The last podcast that shows up or that I listened to was on August 26. I’ve tried several of the Movie Blog links in iTunes, but still no worky. I know I could manually download and add them to itunes, but come on, this is the 21st century.

  2. I can’t seem to findDoug’s podcast. Can somebody help me out? I really want to listen to it. A link would be appreicated.

  3. “The fact of the matter is that I do like Cloverfield. I still encourage everyone I talk to who hasn’t seen it to see it at least once. Despite the flaws, I found Cloverfield to be a scary, unique, at times exciting and realistic feeling movie. Yes, I acknowledge all the flaws, I admit they are there, but from my subjective point of view I still think it was a good film and one worth seeing. Many disagree with me, and that’s cool, that’s the beautiful thing about film, we can all see the same movie, and come away with different opinions, impressions and thoughts about it. They effects us all differently.” John Campea 01-21-08

  4. i glad john answered my question about monster films cause although im a big godzilla fan and a fan of the monster films but the rubber suit looks lilke shit in godzilla final wars and although i enjoyed cloverfield i still see what he says about the monster’s brief appearance in the film.

  5. John, I think you’re right in that the worst sequels are the ones that undermine the original. Example: the Matrix sequels. Those actually hurt my opinion of the original movie, since they make it apparent that the Wachowskis never really knew what they were talking about in the first place…they just made us think we did.

    The Star Wars prequels and the Clone Wars movie are awful too, not because they undermine the original trilogy though, but because it’s just so hard to watch the OT without thinking of all the garbage that came out later.

    Also, from everything I’ve read about them, Analyze This and The Sopranos were similar by coincidence. They were developed independently and without the knowledge of one another, and just happened to come out around the same time.

  6. As for other good non-Pixar CGI movies, last years TMNT movie was pretty good, considering it was produced for a third of the cost and half the development time (as well as having 40 minutes removed out of the final cut).

    For the next Madagascar movie I propose: Madagascar 3: Chernobyl

    As for the monster movie, the biggest stumbling block is making the CGI monster look real while interacting with a city, most CGI characters rarely interact with real environments.

  7. On the subject of monster movies,
    South Park is continuing that monster movie storyline on Wednesday night with the episode: “Pandemic 2: The Startling.”

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